A Recipe! (No, seriously, it’s a recipe)

I’m fairly certain no one is coming here to get recipe ideas (even though I clearly stated in my first post that I might indeed share recipes) but I wanted to share this one.  It’s quick and easy and it’s been making the rounds on Facebook.  This is the Slow Cooker Loaded Bake Potato Soup and was posted on 12 Tomatoes. So easy!  I’m not even going to list it in the typical recipe format.  Simply take 1 bag of frozen shredded hash browns (recipe calls for 32 oz. but I used 30 oz. because that’s what I had), 32 oz. of chicken broth (that’s 4 cups), 1 can of condensed cream of chicken soup, 1 (8 oz.) package of cream cheese, softened, 1 1/2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese (I used mild because that was what I had in the house and I didn’t feel like going out. It was delicious with mild cheddar; I’m sure it would be equally excellent with the sharp cheddar.), 3/4 cup crumbled bacon (I used pre-packaged bacon bits), and salt and pepper to taste.  Combine everything in your slow cooker and cook on high for 3 hours or until the hash browns are softened.

The original recipe called for some fresh minced rosemary as garnish but I didn’t use any of that.  If rosemary is your thing then the recipe calls for 1/2 teaspoon. The recipe also suggested using extra cheese and bacon for toppings, instead of or in addition to the rosemary.

I would recommend making sure the cream cheese is pretty soft before you mix it in.  Mine was softened but even after 3 hours in the crock pot it hadn’t completely melted in with everything else, leaving some big chunks of cream cheese.

Finally, there are quite a few slow cooker potato soup recipes out there.  This was one that used shredded hash browns instead of diced.  From reading comments on other sites it looks like if you’re going to use the shredded potatoes you are probably better off cooking it on high for a short amount of time instead of on low for 8 hours.  A lot of people say it makes the potatoes turn to mush.  I’ll just say use your best judgement.

My son is the one who chose this and he gave it 2 thumbs up; he said it was really good.  My daughter liked it but she said she often felt like she was eating big globs of cream cheese (hence the need to really soften it up before adding it to the mix).  I ate 3 bowls and intend to eat it for lunch.  It was delicious!

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