Purebred Dogs & Blood Conflict Diamonds

My little rant about two sides to every story came from a conversation I had with an old friend of Cousinfucker’s. He messaged me to see how things were going.  I told him pretty much the same as always, just hanging in limbo, and then caught him up on what all Cousinfucker was doing lately, including buying the whore an engagement ring and her kids a purebred dog.  Out of all of this he focuses on the dog.  “I’m not going to judge because he’s obviously dealing with a lot of issues but he shouldn’t buy a pedigree dog.  He should have got a shelter dog.”

Really?  All of the fucked up things he’s doing and you’re concerned he’s going to a breeder to buy a dog instead of going to a shelter?  So… if he had gone to a shelter to pick up a dog for them then THAT would have been ok and you wouldn’t have had a single problem with any of his behavior?

Are you confident the diamond ring wasn’t from a conflict zone?  Buying an engagement ring for your whore while you’re still married is no big deal.  Buying a blood conflict diamond, however, now THAT’S a problem!


3 thoughts on “Purebred Dogs & Blood Conflict Diamonds

  1. Not to minimize how you feel, but remember, that is HIS friend. He is likely messaging you out of politeness. He is still HIS friend. Don’t let it get to you. Of course, I would feel the same way you do.


    1. Oh I know, although when I use the term “friend” I’m using it quite loosely. This is a guy who went to school with CF and they’ve had probably 3 or 4 conversations since graduation; I can pretty much guarantee that I’ve talked to this guy more than he has. However, I do respect the fact that they are friends and have a history so I keep that in mind whenever I “talk” to him. I reached out to him because he and my daughter were going back and forth on Facebook about her dad. He thought they were joking around but she was dead serious. I contacted him to let him know he needed to back off since he had no idea what was going on. The last few times we’ve communicated it’s been because he’s contacted me to see how I’m doing and to offer to talk to CF, which I’ve always declined. Honestly, I wasn’t upset; I found it to be more absurd than anything.

      Thank you for commenting. It’s great to know there are actually people out there reading this!

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