Funerals & Other Romantic Dates

CF took his whore to a funeral this summer.  I know what you’re thinking:  How romantic!  Ironically, our daughter really wanted to go with him because she wanted to see her grandparents.  Of course, Daddy Dearest couldn’t take her because that would interfere with him fucking his whore that weekend. And yet, I would bet money that the narrative everyone is spinning is that *I’m* the one keeping the kids away from them.

Anyway, I digress.  The whore originates from his mom’s side of the family. This funeral was for a member of the family on his dad’s side.   I have slowly come to realize that the whore has become “friends” on FB with many members of his family who were at this funeral.

Can I just take a moment to say, “What the fuck, people?”  At the time this happened we were married!!!!  Hell, we’re still married so let me rephrase. At the time this happened I had no idea he was fucking the whore!  At the time this happened I thought we were happily married, albeit dealing with a shitload of his problems, and I was ready to face the world and my new life thousands of miles away from my friends head-on.  Not only does the motherfucker take a whore to a family funeral, instead of taking his actual family, knowing I have no clue what’s going on, but everyone there welcomes her with open arms instead of saying, “What the fuck are you doing?  Have you lost your damn mind?”  Oh yeah, and maybe, “Where’s your wife?  Where are your kids?”

Look, I get it.  I’m just the piece of ass he fucked for the past twenty-one years.  I’m disposable, interchangeable, nothing special.  I’m certainly not family even after twenty-one years with him.  My kids, however, are!  Does no one give a flying fuck about them?  They are your blood and they are devastated by what their asshole father has done.  How do you welcome that home wrecking whore into your lives when you know what she has done to these kids?  Again, I get it.  He is your family and you’re certainly not going to turn him away for my benefit.  But is CF’s happiness so over the top important that nothing else matters?  Hey, don’t worry if two innocent children are destroyed.  The good news is their father is happy and that’s all that matters.  The sad, pitiful things they say to me make my heart hurt.  I’m a big girl.  I don’t give a shit about him anymore.  Anything and everything I ever felt for him died the minute I found out he was fucking around on me.  Again.  With the same fucking whore.  But my children had no idea.  My children loved their father.  All my son wanted was for his dad to “get better” so they could play video games and go fishing and build the media room that we had talked about when we moved.  My daughter wanted her dad’s attention.  She wanted him to see her at meets and games, doing her thing, and cheering her on.  They wanted HIM.  They wanted his time and his attention.  Both of which he is now giving to kids that are not his.  They are both shitting all over these two kids and not a one of you has enough of a moral compass to stand up and say:  I’m not going to support this.  This is wrong.  You don’t bring your whore to a funeral.  (Seriously, folks, does that even need to be said?  I would think that would be a given, but obviously not.  What kind of a sick fuck brings his whore to a funeral?  What kind of sick whore gets off on being paraded in front of his family during a time of mourning?)

You, M., you’ve lost both of your children.  Do you know that CF is voluntarily abandoning his own children?  What would you give to switch places with him?  To have your own kids back?  Your kids are dead; you will never get to see them again.  You will never have moments with them again.  CF’s kids are alive and well.  And he’s sloughing them off like dead skin.  They are no longer important now that she’s around.  How do you not itch to slap him silly?   How do you stand by and watch him desert his kids when you know what it’s like when you no longer have your kids around?

You, E., you’ve sat there and corresponded with me, acting like nothing is wrong.  I wondered if he had gotten up the guts to tell you and your husband what he was doing, but I now know you’ve known all along.  You’ve been nice to my face but treating me like an idiot behind my back.  You have befriended the whore that helped rip apart my kids’ lives.  You are condoning what CF and the whore are doing.

You, G., you have a daughter that you weren’t able to raise but you have never dismissed her as nothing.  You stay in contact.  She’s important to you.  You’re watching CF act like his kids mean nothing, watching as he throws his entire life away.

Hell, maybe these kids mean nothing to him after all; maybe that’s why he finds it so easy to walk away.  Who knows?  I’m sure he would tell everyone who would listen that he loves them with all of his heart and would probably follow that up with, “Their mother is turning them against me.”  Because he’s always a victim.  He’s a cheater and a liar, but he’s the real victim.  Always.  In other breaking news, in CF’s world Charles Manson was the real victim in the Helter Skelter murders, Osama Bin Laden was the real victim on 9/11, Ariel Castro was the real victim in the Cleveland kidnappings, and ISIS is the real victim in the Paris terrorist attacks.

I’m sure everyone is very pleased that CF is finally happy.  It’s too bad that his happiness comes at the expense of the other three members of his family.  I’m not happy about this.  I didn’t move 2000 miles across the country, buy a new house and new furniture, and then put a pool in the backyard so that my husband could fuck a whore. I didn’t walk away from great friends and all my volunteer activities so my husband could fuck a whore either. My daughter isn’t happy about this.  He ripped away her dream of competing in gymnastics in college.  I even asked her recently, seeing all the good things she has here in this new place, would she trade it all for her life back in our former state.  She said yes without missing a beat.  Her passion for gymnastics was that deep, that she would give up everything she has here for a chance to have climbed to the top and competed at the highest level.  Then let’s add in the anxiety she is feeling to excel academically so that she can get a scholarship and I won’t be burdened by college expenses.  Yes, she is definitely not happy.  My son isn’t happy here either.  He complains all the time about the kids being stupid and mean; the sport he loved, hockey, is not offered here either so he has had to give that up.  He used to play in the orchestra but there is no orchestra here so instead he plays in the band.  He likes it, but would rather do orchestra.  He tells me all the time that he wishes we could move back to Utah so he could be with his friends and do the things he used to do.

He has ransacked these kids’ lives and no one seems to give a shit.  As long as he’s happy it’s all good.  Again, I know I don’t mean shit to any of you.  I was just his wife of twenty plus years; I’m totally replaceable.  But I thought someone would perhaps stand up for the two kids caught up in this mess created by CF and the whore, the two kids that are as much your relatives as CF.

5 thoughts on “Funerals & Other Romantic Dates

  1. I don’t think it would matter. I don’t understand the whole, “He’s family so I can never tell him he’s doing it wrong!” philosophy, but I’m pretty sure they all have it. That, or they’ve been told I filed for divorce and he has NO IDEA why! It’s a lost cause.


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