Done With the Guilt!

I’ve continued to think about this guilt I feel and you know what?  Part of it is because he has laid it at my feet!  His words in that text to me:  I read everything you wrote on your fake Facebook page.  We’re not good together.

It’s YOUR fault.  If you didn’t write anything and could have just shut up and focused on the future then this wouldn’t be happening!  It’s all your fault!

Well, fuck that!  I’m entitled to be upset about the fact that you were making life plans with another woman.  A woman who was your cousin, you sick fuck!  I’m entitled to be upset that your entire family is fucked up and stayed in contact with her, knowing what a deceitful, manipulative whore she was.  I was entitled to keep an eye on that no good white trash piece of shit.  I did nothing wrong.  Nothing I did excuses him and his behavior.

Screw the guilt!

3 thoughts on “Done With the Guilt!

  1. Yes because it’s not what he did that’s the problem, it’s your reaction to it – yes that it! Smh. Such screwed up thinking. Good on you – screw the guilt.


    1. I love that sentiment! It’s exactly what cheaters want you to believe: Hey- it’s not what I, the cheater, have done. It’s how you reacted to it. This all could have been resolved if you didn’t get as upset and angry as you did. If you could have trusted me and focused on the future instead of dwelling on the past! What? This all could have been avoided if *I* simply hadn’t cheated? Don’t be silly! This is all on you!


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