Just When You Think He Can’t Sink Lower…

Today has sucked.  I got through Valentine’s Day no problem.  That day does not bother me at all.  I woke up today and all Hell has broken loose.  So much for cleaning up my potty mouth because I am pissed beyond belief.

I woke up with a message from my pool contractor, asking me if there was any news or if they should get a lawyer.  I replied that my lawyer was working on it and that I thought Cousinfucker would pay; he was just taking his sweet time.

For some reason I decided to look at my bank account and see if the support payment had been made.  Since September Cousinfucker has had payments directly deposited into my account.  It wasn’t there.  Shit!  Has he decided to fuck with me since he had to move out?  Or is it something far more nefarious?  That little nagging voice in the back of my head wouldn’t go away.

I call my lawyer and tell him my support payment has not been deposited.  I go on to tell him that I have no idea if he’s quit his job, moved out of state, just wants to fuck with me…. I have no clue.  I do tell him that as long as we’ve been married his company has always deposited his paycheck early if payday occurs on a Sunday or a holiday.  He tells me to give it until 2 pm tomorrow in case there is simply a small snafu with the holiday schedule.

While I had been chatting with my mom I texted Cousinfucker’s boss and asked him if Cousinfucker still worked there.  A few hours later I get a reply.  Sam, Cousinfucker resigned several weeks ago.  I wish you both the best.

First of all, WTF?  And second of all, WTF?  I think the best for me has just flown by.  My husband is fucking his cousin and has abandoned me and my kids.  It’s a little late for well wishes!  And seriously?  Did the asshole really quit his job?  Oh yes he did!

I quickly sent another text asking him if he knew whether or not Cousinfucker had received his bonus check before resigning and if he knew where he went.  Remember, Cousinfucker is not responding to me or to his kids.  Turns out part of the reason behind that is because his phone was company property so he no longer has it.

In the meantime I find out that he has left the fucking state.  Yes, that’s right.  Cousinfucker moved me and my kids here, ripped our lives apart, and then turns around and a year and a half later LEAVES THE FUCKING STATE!  Dammit!  I was just beginning to feel settled somewhat.  I had a plan.  Some of my fears were being alleviated.  I knew where to get insurance.  I figured out how I was going to pay for my daughter’s graduation party. I had a plan for how I was going to pay my taxes.  Now?  Poof!  All of that is up in smoke.  Son Of A Bitch!

His boss eventually texted me back and let me know that Cousinfucker was going back home (no, he’s not) and that all other questions should be directed to him.  I texted back:  Thanks for all of your help.  The kids and I sure do appreciate it.

As it stands I don’t have a way to contact him unless I use my kids as a conduit.  I guess I could correspond with his family but I have no stomach for that.  I could possibly also unblock him on Facebook and send him a message that way.  He has left without a word to either of his kids.  His support payment is not in the bank. I don’t know if he plans on paying it or not.  I don’t know if he got his bonus check or not.  I think he probably did because his last direct deposit was January 31st.  I have no idea when, or if, Cousinfucker is planning on paying off the pool.  I have no idea, when, or if, he’s planning on paying me my portion of the bonus check.  I don’t know if he still has insurance on me and the kids.  I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get the bonus included in his annual salary now that he has quit.  I don’t know if he’s making a ton more money at this new job.  I don’t know what’s going to happen with all the unvested stock he had.  I mean, I know he’s not entitled to it but I don’t know if he’ll have to reimburse me for a portion of what I would have received, or if they will be able to use that in income calculations.  He walked away from a job of 15 years.  Oh, God!  I don’t know if my original plan is going to go through.  I had wanted to stay here until my daughter had graduated.  I hate the thought of moving her her junior year.  I really do. Hell, for all I know this new company will offer him a buyout on the house and I’ll either have to accept it and get out now, or he’ll try to make me take on the house and any losses associated with it.  I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to swim in this damn pool that we’ve paid so much fucking money for. I have no idea what he’s planning on doing as far as taxes go.  Is he going to file jointly, or married separately?  Who the fuck knows?  And how will I get any portion of the refund, or will that be yet another thing he tries to keep from me?  I don’t know anything right now.  This sucks so hard!  I hate him.  It’s really hard to get to “Meh” when he keeps fucking with me and the kids.

The good news is I received a lovely gift basket from a fellow cheated on mom/friend.  It included wine!  And I’ve gained about 10 pounds of the 25 pounds I lost originally on the divorce diet.  Thanks to asshole and his machinations I have felt sick to my stomach all day and have had nothing more than a grilled cheese!  Maybe I’ll drop 5 pounds.  Motherfucker!

16 thoughts on “Just When You Think He Can’t Sink Lower…

    1. Yes! How do you move your kids 2000 miles away from the only home they remember and then turn around, cheat on their mother, ignore them, move approximately 7 hours away from them, and never even tell them you’re leaving or give them a new contact number?


  1. Damn! What is it with these assholes?! They can be jerks when you are married, but then as soon as they lean they become these mega super fuckers … Brings back memories.
    Drink the wine then go back on your diet. ❤️
    I’m so sorry u are going through this.

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    1. Thank you. I did have a glass last night. I drink so rarely anymore that I fear the headache I have this morning is due to that! It wasn’t even a full glass.

      Today is a new day. Let’s see what’s in store for me today.

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      1. Divorce is a terrible process. The good news is it all washes out in court. They may not feel accountable to you, but they will have to be in front of a judge.


  2. Holy crap. The guy has lost his damn mind! Just straight disappeared?! Good thing you went with that nagging voice in your mind!

    Good luck to you… Lots of challenging decisions to make but thank god you have it together! #myhero xo

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    1. Thank you. I feel the same way. I’ve said before I could possibly understand his behavior towards me. In reality I can’t. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t lie. I didn’t convince him to move across the country and give up his entire life only to dump him. HE did those things. What I really don’t get is moving without saying a word to his kids. No new number. No new address. Nothing.

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  3. If you are paying the mortgage (which is just in his name right), you may want to ask your attorney if you can stop paying it NOW. I realize that you want to keep the house, but you may not be able to and foreclosure is generally (though not always) a slow process. You need the cash and you really can’t be concerned about his credit rating.

    Can your attorney contact his attorney about the support?

    Why don’t you go ahead and file the taxes? Do you have his W-2 from last year? Don’t wait for him to do it — use your home address, etc and get it done, so any refund comes to you.


    1. I did ask my lawyer if I would be ok not paying the mortgage and he said yes, so if payment is not in my account by the 29th I will be shutting down the account. The mortgage and pool loan are both in his name only and I don’t care about his credit. I’m debating letting the credit cards go as well although I may try talking to someone. Usually though if you’ve been paying they don’t cut you a break. It’s only when they’re getting nothing for a long period of time they’re willing to deal.

      Thank you for all the advice, Alice. I am taking it all to heart. And I’m talking to a new lawyer on Thursday.


  4. SAVE THAT TEXT. You need it to prove that he resigned by choice. Your attorney should easily be able to get income impugned based on what he was making when he quit in case he is unemployed or his new position pays less. You need to make sure that the attorney you have is a litigator and not afraid to go to court, if it comes to that. A Judge will not be pleased with his antics if they leave you in a worse position financially.

    And if you have to move, your daughter will be ok.

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