Freedom! Part 2

Sorry about the formatting.  Here is part 2 of my Freedom song list.  Carrie Underwood plays a major part in this list.

  1. I’ll Survive you by BC Jean.  This is simply a beautiful, haunting song.  I love her vocals.  The song isn’t defiant the way some others are.  It’s just a very simple, strong statement.  ‘Cause I don’t need you to want me.  I’ve got my pride.  I’ll survive you.  Even with all these wounds.  I’m alright.  I’ll undo all of the damage you’ve done to my life.  That’s right.  You’re not gonna see me cry.  This time I’ll survive you…. ‘Cause over and over again you said you were locked in the cage but I was the one with the chains.  Now I’m raising my flag once again.
  2. Fuck You by Burn Halo  You would be amazed at how many songs have that as a title!  I’ve got 2 of them on my Freedom list alone! I forgot how to breathe… I’ll break these chains… So fuck you for bringing me down. What goes around comes around.  Now I stand here waiting.  And fuck you for all the shit that you said. I’ll get inside of your head as I stand here waiting. I now stand on my own. And I found a new direction far from darkness.  I have overcome all.

Carrie Underwood sings the next six songs.  I debated putting Cowboy Casanova on here but I decided that was more of a warning song than a revenge or empowering song.  Maybe one day I’ll add it on.  This is an ever evolving list.

3. Undo It  … I only have myself to blame for falling for your stupid games.  I wish my life could be the way it was before I saw your face.  You stole my happy, you made me cry, took the lonely and took me for a ride.  And I wanna uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-undo it.  You had my heart, now I want it back.  I’m starting to see everything you lack.  You want my future, you can’t have it.  I’m still trying to erase you from my past.  I need you gone so fast.  I am eternally grateful for my children but I wanna uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-undo it, too!              4. Before He Cheats  Does anyone really need lyrics to this song?  You go, girl!  I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seats.  I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all four tires.  Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.  Of course, my favorite line for CF’s whore would be:  Right now she’s probably up singing some white trash version of Shania karaoke.  That pretty much describes her in my opinion.                                                                                      5. Dirty Laundry  This is off of her new album and it was just put on the list.  I love it!  It’s a song about a woman who discovers her lover cheating and she tosses his sorry ass out. Now I’ma have to hang you out to dry, dry, dry.  Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line.  Leave ‘em blowing in the wind, just say goodbye to you… All the Ajax in the world ain’t gonna clean your dirty laundry.  In the next verse she warns:  If the neighbors get to asking, I won’t cover nothin’ up.  I’ll tell ‘em every little detail…                                           6. Church Bells  Also off her new album.  I wasn’t going to put this one on because it was about domestic abuse and not cheating but then I got to thinking…. I included Gunpowder & Lead which is about domestic abuse and CF always said that song scared him because she killed the guy and he thought maybe I was getting ideas.  So I figure, why not?  Here’s another one for ya, Cousinfucker!                                                                   7. Chaser  Yet another one off of her new album.  I love songs about strong, empowered women who aren’t going to put with the cheater’s shit.  She’s got quite a few good lines in this song like:  I’m gonna mean it when I’m telling you goodbye, or …you ain’t doing me any kind of favors sticking around this one horse town tonight… I’m done letting you be my heartbreaker.  So go ahead and chase her.  She also tells him:  Yeah, the grass ain’t always greener over on the other side…. Cause you’re the kind that can’t stay for too long in a sad place.  You’ll be looking for me when you change your mind.                            8. Two Black Cadillacs  This is another one I debated putting on my list, mainly because it involves both the wife and mistress finding out they’ve both been played and then killing the man in the middle.  I originally wasn’t going to include it because the whore knew full well CF was married and I can’t foresee a time that I would be working with her unless it was to help her off a ledge; however, I decided the most important part was the cheater ended up dead.  So it’s on here.  Fear is good!

9. Cell Block Tango/He Had It Comin’ from the Chicago soundtrack  The ultimate revenge song!  Some men just can’t hold their arsenic!  Or… He ran into my knife.  He ran into my knife TEN TIMES.  Hey!  I know a convicted murderer who has used that same excuse!  God help me.

10.Fighter by Christina Aguilera I like this one because I refuse to let him break me. ‘Cause it makes me that much stronger.  Makes me work a little bit harder.  Makes me that much wiser.  So thanks for making me a fighter. Made me learn a little bit faster.  Made my skin a little bit thicker.  Makes me that much smarter.  So thanks for making me a fighter.     11. Beautiful also by Christina Aguilera  I put this one on the list just to remind myself of my worth.  I am beautiful no matter what they say.  Words can’t bring me down.  I am beautiful in every single way.


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