Remember how I told you that very few things have made me laugh during this whole ordeal?  Great news- I have found one more thing to laugh about.

Rock Star had a texting conversation with her father the other day.  Many things were said but the thing that struck my funny bone was when she asked him why he moved out of state.  His reply, I kid you not, was:  I didn’t have a choice!  Your mother told me I had to be out of the house by X date.

Holy guacamole!  Is he serious? When I was recounting this conversation to my mom I actually began laughing.  The image of it cracked me up.  Folks, if you need an enforcer apparently I am your gal.  By merely having it written into the court order that he needed to find other accommodations or begin paying me rent by X date I forced him to quit his job, get a new job and move out of the state!  I am all powerful!  Hey, quick question, Cousinfucker- if I’m so powerful why couldn’t I prevent you from cheating on me?  I’m kinda thinking that’s where my awesome powers should have started.

I would love to hear from people.  Hell, if you don’t want to comment publicly email me:  Is this the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?  He’s actually trying to sell the idea to his teenage daughter that I forced him out of the house.  OK, that’s lie #1.  As I explained, he had a choice.  Choice #1 was to move out.  Choice #2 was to begin paying rent.  In other words, I didn’t say he had to be out.  I said if he was going to continue to live here he was going to pay rent; he wasn’t going to get away with using all of his money to dote on Harley and her kids while I paid all the bills for another five months or more like he had been doing.

Lie #2 is this insane (key word I believe) idea that if he can’t live at home then he must give up his job and move out of state!  That’s the part that made me laugh.  I could envision the thought process:  Oh no!  I have to move out or pay more money to my wife; I know I don’t want to give her an extra dime.  What am I going to do?  I’m going to have to quit my job!  There’s no way I can move out of the house (or pay rent!) and continue to work at my current place of employment.  I know!  I shall ask my best friend if he can help me get a job where he works.  And perhaps he will even let me live with him and his family.  That way I can continue to pay my whore’s cell phone bill!

The sad part is he really believes all this crap.  Because he believes it he also thinks his kids will buy it.  Sorry, Charlie; they’re on to you.


4 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Rock Start gets this right? That he is being an ass, etc. Correct?

    On a different note. It is the first weekish of March. Has he been paying on time? How are things going towards a settlement?


    1. Oh Rock Star gets it. She even asked me, “Why does he continue to lie to me? Doesn’t he realize I won’t ever ask him a question I don’t already know the answer to?” I’ll probably write more about the conversation in a later post but the victim morphing he did was amazing. It was all designed to elicit sympathy for himself without much care at all about his kids and what he’s done to them.

      Supposedly the check is in the mail. We’ve heard that before, huh? Turns out the temporary support orders don’t require him to pay when he gets paid. Instead someone must have arbitrarily picked a date out of thin air and said, “This! This is the date by which he needs to pay support!” So, he’s not late in the legal sense but it is different from what he was doing when he would have it automatically deposited when he got paid. I’m hoping he goes back to that once direct deposit is established with his new job so I’m holding off for now. He’s got about another month before I have my lawyer see about modifying the order.

      No work done on the settlement. I’m not in a hurry. I don’t have a boyfriend so I’m in no big rush. I figure I still have health insurance as long as I’m married. I’ll eventually talk to my lawyer about what I want, once she has got the records she is requesting, and then I’ll sit on it.


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