Freedom Part #6

Are you getting tired of my list of songs?  I hope not.  I told you in the beginning that there were 83 of them.  That makes for one long list.

  1. Someday by Mariah Carey   Yet another song from way back in the day.  But yes, he was so blind to let me go, especially when he’s leaving for a gold-digging whore.  Maybe now you just can’t conceive that there’ll ever be a time when you’re cold and lonely…. But when you’re down in your time of need and you’re thinking that you might be coming back to own me just think again ‘cause I won’t need your love anymore.
  2. Independence Day by Martina McBride  Another song about domestic violence and yet it continues to have a message of empowerment.   Let freedom ring.  Let the white dove sing.  Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning.  Let the weak be strong.  Let the right be wrong.  Roll the stone away.  Let the guilty pay.  It’s Independence Day.  And let the cheater live a life of misery.  It’s Independence Day!
  3. Lips Are Movin’ by Meghan Trainor   I think the title says it all.  This is my motto with CF.  If his lips are movin’ then he’s lyin’.

I have no idea what happened between Blake and Miranda but I’m hoping he didn’t cheat on her because this bitch be crazy!  Nothing like a little Miranda to feel kickass!  I also want to note that while Blake did leave his first wife for Miranda from what little I’ve read it sounds like he did try to do the right thing and leave his wife before hooking up with her, although I’m sure that’s of little solace to her.  And hey, if that’s not the way it played out then I suppose the first Mrs. Blake Shelton is having a nice little laugh right about now.  Karma can certainly be a bitch.

4. Gunpowder & Lead  Another one of those songs that isn’t about cheating.  It’s about domestic violence and a woman who turns the tables on him and kills him.  His fist is big but my gun’s bigger.  He’ll find out when I pull the trigger.  I keep this one on the list because I used to have it as one of my alarms and it supposedly scared the shit out of CF.  But as I always told him, “Honey, guns are messy and there is always an investigation.  If I ever decide to kill you I’ll poison you and make it look like a heart attack.”  I must have said it with a big enough smile on my face because that self-righteous, sanctimonious, whiny, yellow-bellied coward actually had the balls to cry about me no longer feeding him. After I found out about Harley.                                          5. Mama’s Broken Heart  Again, not really about cheating or empowerment, but damn, she does crazy very well.                                                                                                                      6. Baggage Claim   Listening to this song I think it pretty much sums up my life with CF.  He’s got so many issues he should be a comic book.  I have been draggin’ around your sensitive ego.  Check.  Making sure that your bags arrive on time for the dog and pony show.  Check.  And then she gets real:  At the baggage claim, you got a lot of luggage in your name. When you hit the ground check the lost and found cause it ain’t my problem now.  Finally she tells him:  You better call your momma when you get to town cause I ain’t gonna be hangin’ around.  Check.  Call your mommy, CF, so she can enable you and tell you what a wonderful person you are.  She can handle all your baggage now, along with your sister, your best friend, and your “soul mate”.                                                        7. Somethin’ Bad by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood   This so completely does not belong on this list but it’s here.  Two kickass women on a somewhat shady adventure.  That’s empowering, right?

8. Wrong Song by Connie Britton & Hayden Panettiere from the cast of Nashville  I was going to say that I know country music sometimes has a reputation for the women being all “stand by your man” but look at most of the songs on this list!  They’re country songs and these women are making lists and checking off names!  I think early country music was very stand by your man, but most of today’s hits are all about taking your power back.  Rant over.  This one was performed on the television show, “Nashville”.  I like it because it harkens back to those times when the woman was expected to forgive and forget, and as Connie and Hayden (Or Rayna and Juliette, if we’re going by the characters on the show) sing, “You’ve got the wrong song.”  If you think you’re gonna hear how much I miss ya.  If you’re needin’ to feel better ‘bout yourself.  If you’re wantin’ to hear me say I forgive you cause the tequila turned you into someone else.  If you’re looking for one more chance, a little stand by your man.  You got the wrong song coming through your speakers.  This one’s about a liar and a cheater.  Didn’t know what he had ’til it was gone.  You got the wrong girl ‘cause I got your number.  Don’t know what kind of spell you think I’m under.  This ain’t a feel good everything’s fine sing-along.  You got the wrong song.  Tell me boy was she worth every minute.  I hope you had the time of your life.  You made your bed, now go lie in it.  All I got to say to you is goodbye.  How’d you think I’d react?  Saying baby come back….. Everybody makes mistakes.  We can work it out.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s what I was singing now.                                                                                             9. That’s How You Know by Nico & Vinz featuring Kid Ink and Bebe Rexha  This song has nothing to do with cheating but it is a humorous look at the various ways you know that you’ve fucked up.  I’m going to eventually write my own verse for CF but until then I’ll just be belting out the chorus and thinking of him and his stupidity.      10. Feeling Good by Nina Simone  I debated about which version to download but went with the original.  For me, this is a song of hope.  It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.  And I’m feeling good.

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