The Perils of Watching ID Television

I’m becoming my mother (hi, Mom!).  Some days I turn on the television and I switch it over to ID.  It’s a peppy little channel filled with shows like:  Forbidden Love, Deadly Instincts, The Wives Did It,  Evil Stepmothers (which, interestingly enough, always seems to end with the man’s death and has nothing much at all to do with the kids), House of Horrors: Kidnapped, I’d Kill For You, Fatal Vows, A Stranger In My Home, and so forth.  That might explain all of my bad dreams.  Recently I’ve seen several of these shows where the cheating husband either kills his wife, or arranges to have her killed.  I know I’ve heard these types of stories before but I suppose it really hits home now.  I don’t really have any fears that Cousinfucker is going to try to have me killed.  I am more struck by the mistresses.

In the first show the husband and wife were both in the military.  She was an officer; he was enlisted.  They had a 3 year old and she was pregnant again.  He was messing around with their 19 year old neighbor who was also married.  When the wife confronted her the mistress was pretty much a bitch, a snotty little bitch, bragging about the fact that they were still sleeping together.  In the episode whenever she was interviewed her face was blacked out.  Her lover and his brother, who actually committed the crime, were both in prison, so I’m not sure why.  Maybe she finally had the decency to realize what her little tryst ended up doing to that woman and to that child.  Her lover arranged for his brother to kill his wife so he could continue fucking this little bimbo and not lose custody of his three year old!  I guess he didn’t really give a shit about his unborn son.  Or maybe he couldn’t wait any longer to get into his whore’s pants.  I realize the gist of the show was not about how the teenage whore felt now but rather it was about the whole sordid mess that ended with the brutal murder of a young wife and mother.  But still I wonder, does she ever feel guilt?  Does she ever feel responsible for what happened to that poor woman?

The second show was almost a repeat of the first.  Young couple, married for 8 months.  She was about 4 months pregnant.  He was having an affair with another young woman.  I think all involved were in their early 20s.  The mistress was telling him if he didn’t end it she was going to leave him.  I feel for you, sweetie.  Sharing your lover with his wife must be such a hardship.  He shoots his wife and kills her.  This time there was no interview with the cheating whore, but again I am left to wonder, did she feel any guilt?  Does she ever think, “I got involved with a married man and he killed his wife to be with me; I am complicit in her murder,”?  My guess is probably not.  She probably blithely went about her life, not giving one damn about the chaos and destruction she helped to create.

The third show featured a high powered executive having an illicit affair with his assistant.  It was very much against company policy and he could have lost his job- his almost $700,000/year job!  What men won’t do for a piece of ass!  He was already in the midst of divorcing his wife, I believe, when he began this affair.  His wife got wind of it and was going to use it to her advantage in the divorce settlement.  At this point the mistress gets involved and suggests using her ex-husband as a hitman.  Now, normally this probably would not be a good idea.  We all saw how well that worked out for Tonya Harding.  In her case her ex was a very bad guy.  Fortunately, the plot fell apart and the wife escaped unscathed.  This high powered executive was going to give it all up for his assistant, who it turned out, had quite the checkered past with lots of criminal behavior.  Why was he going to kill his wife?  Well, it turns out he didn’t want to pay her alimony.  $90,000 from an almost $700,000 salary was just too much for Mr. Big Shot.  And Mr. Big Shot’s whore didn’t want to share either.  Plus, the wife was willing to fight it in court and if it came out that Mr. Big Shot and the Assistant Whore were sleeping together he would lose his job.  Now, I know Assistant Whore felt no remorse.  She was the one who suggested the hit and arranged for it!  No doubt she has no regrets.  Well, she probably regrets she got caught and that the plot didn’t go as planned.  But as far as regretting what she tried to do to that woman?  Nah, no regrets.

I know killing your wife is not a new phenomenon.  I also know that upwards of 70% of women who are killed are killed by either a past or present spouse or significant other.  So those shows shouldn’t be shocking.  And yet, I still wonder about those women.  If I had to put money on it I would say that none of them take any responsibility.  I believe they probably say things like, “I had no control over that,” or “I never asked him to do that!”  I’m sure they swat it away, assuring themselves they did nothing wrong or they were young and stupid.  Of course they didn’t mean for any of that to happen.  They just wanted to fuck another woman’s husband and steal him away as her very own!  That his wife ends up dead in their pursuit of happiness is just a messy little detail that none of the whores ever planned.

6 thoughts on “The Perils of Watching ID Television

  1. Sick, really sick, and your assessment is likely right on target. I can’t watch anything like you’ve described…hits close to home since HUSBAND’s first affair started when I was two months pregnant…and second affair happened during a pregnancy…and one affair was with an assistant at work… So in these cases, art really does imitate life (albeit no death plans that I know of…but think I’ll have to ask that question now!!) Hope your day is good – hugs.


    1. Oh man, Saving Shards, that really sucks! I can’t imagine dealing with that while pregnant. It’s bad enough when you’re not pregnant and don’t have amped up hormones running through your body.

      Hope you are having a good day, too!

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      1. Well…I had no idea for many many years. Funny thing is we both shared and seemed to enjoy pregnancy sex…!!! But then again, sex actually has little or nothing to do with most affairs 🙂

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  2. I love watching those shows – it’s pretty eye opening really to see how many people kill over ridiculously petty reasons – it’s scary. It helps me remember to not be so trusting.


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