Lies I’ve Told About My Mother

My mom would really like me to clear up a few things.  Well, two.

First, and probably most importantly, The Dollar Tree is NOT her favorite store.  She does shop there frequently but it is only because of the dollar price tag and not because it’s her favorite place to be.  Now you know.  I did ask what her favorite store might be now and she said it was probably a department store she frequents down in Florida.  They have what she calls, “Old People Day” where she gets an extra percentage off.  What with using her coupons and phone apps plus her additional discounts she can get $100 worth of clothes and merchandise for something like a dollar.  I know she also likes Kohl’s.

Second, she doesn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about her watching ID TV all the time.  She doesn’t even have it down in Florida so she has to make due with “Forensic Files”.  It used to be she watched Law & Order all the time but she has moved on from that.  To real life crime shows.  I’m not sure what she wants here but I can testify that I spent the entire day after Christmas watching Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda.  I’m not complaining.  I’m simply saying it happened.  She’s not a killer, however.  Look, I’m with you, Mom.  I love a good serial killer story, doesn’t mean I am one.  Update:  As of today she does have ID TV.  We were watching Ice Cold Killers together on the phone. 😉

I’m sure I will have more to atone for at some point in the future and I will once again come back to correct the record.  In the meantime just know that my mom is a fantastic lady and has been my rock.  I love you, Mom.

3 thoughts on “Lies I’ve Told About My Mother

  1. I also love murder shows but was ruined against American ones by Midsomer Murders (Netflix.) That, Poirot, Miss Marple (the prior two both from Agatha Christie’s novels), Foyle’s War, Happy Valley, River, et al. I’ve watched so, so many and go through them far, far too quickly. That’s in addition to all the period dramas/mysteries I love. If it’s a period murder show? I swoon both inside and out. lol

    She might REALLY love The Bletchley Circle. It’s about post WWII women in London – former code-crackers returned to domestic life – solving a spree of murders.

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  2. Lol! My Mom never watched ID tv but she loved Law n Order, CSI, Bones etc. When she was dying my Uncle kept putting on beautiful music in my parents’ bedroom n she was only semi-conscious but she would get really agitated. Finally I shut off the music n put Bones on the tv. They’re talking murder n bones n she calmed right down. Crazy right? Lol I say whatever floats her boat 🙂

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