I’m Back!

Hello again out there.  Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  I haven’t had a whole lot to say.  Nothing new on the brand new life front.  That sucks.  Some days I feel completely overwhelmed and other days I stick my head in the sand and plod along.  Yesterday was a particularly teary day for some reason.  I think I’m going to blame it on my period.  Seriously- it was so bad I almost lost it when I realized upon downloading a new update for my phone that I now had to delete my emails in a different way.  Rock Star was like, “Mom, are you really complaining about your email?”  Yes, Rock Star, yes I am.  It’s not a simple swipe anymore.  Now I have to actively read the email and hit delete, or I swipe and then hit “move to” and then hit “trash”.  It’s a pain in the behind and I get a lot of junk mail.  I also almost collapsed in tears when we couldn’t find seats on our usual side of the church and when someone sat next to me in church and I had to move my purse.  It was not a good day but I soldiered on.  Today is better.

In addition to not having any fantastic updates about my own life I sometimes feel like a broken record because all I write about is the same old thing- bitching about Cousinfucker.  That’s got to get boring.  Here’s the Reader’s Digest condensed version:  He’s an asshole.  He’ll always be an asshole. Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Oh, there have been a few new updates.  Like when I got a notification from my bank that my address had been updated.  Cousinfucker had the balls to list the whore’s address as his new address to get bank statements sent there instead of to me.  Joke’s on him, though.  First, everything is paperless now.  And since I get email alerts I simply changed the address back.  Furthermore, since he seems to be taking some juvenile delight in me not knowing where he lives or how to contact him outside of his phone number he hadn’t listed a new email address;  this means when they sent him an email to let him know the address was deleted he didn’t get the update.

Yeah, about that whole “must not let my fantastic, gorgeous, talented, witty wife know where I live now”- every time he sends a support check he always lists my home address as the return address.  He’s so stupid.  He is a poopy head.

Additionally, since his brave new move to work side by side with his bestest buddy ever he has not managed to get the support check to me on time once.  Now, I’ll be generous here.  He has only had two opportunities but nonetheless, he has failed both times.  Additionally, our bills are basically paid on the 1st and the 15th.  The stupid temporary support orders call for him to pay by the 20th.  Plain and simple.  So all those bills due by approximately the 5th of the month?  Oh, we won’t worry about those.  He’ll just get me a check whenever.  I didn’t get it until the 12th last month.  And then his check due by the 20th conveniently got “lost” in the mail.  He assured me it was in the mail on the 24th when I questioned it.  Then said he would send out another one on the 28th when I still hadn’t received it.  I finally got it on April 1st.  I asked him why he didn’t just have it direct deposited and his response was that he’s working on it.  Wow- this new company sure seems to suck.  The insurance papers he supposedly was having sent my way still have not materialized and apparently, even after being employed there for approximately two months they still haven’t managed to establish direct deposit.

I’ve debated contacting my lawyer about this.  On one hand it pisses me off that he gets the damn checks to me whenever he feels like it.  On the other hand I do wonder if they will even care seeing as how he is eventually paying.  It’s not on time, even by the temporary support orders standard, but I do receive it.  Ugh!

He’s back to telling the kids, or at least Picasso, that allowances and anything (or rather everything) else is supposed to come out of alimony and child support.  In fact, according to Cousinfucker it’s in the court order.  He even told Picasso to *read* the document instead of listening to what he’s been told. POOPY HEAD!  Parenting:  You are doing it wrong.

I’m fairly certain he’s filing taxes as married but separate.  The big question is whether or not he tries to claim the money he put into our joint account as spousal support so that he can deduct it.  I think I might actually like that because I would love to have the IRS slap him down hard.  And in the meantime that’s just one more question to ask the lawyer.

Speaking of my lawyer I was going through my junk mail folder and came across two separate emails from her assistant.  For some reason my computer decided those weren’t really emails I needed to see, unlike the several hundred I receive every day from Pet Flow, Bed Bath & Beyond, Groupon, and Bath & Body Works.  They had sat there almost two weeks and that put some of their legal work behind.  Fantastic!

Today I paid off the pool. Yes, in addition to finally getting A support check I also received the money for the pool.  More precisely, I paid off the remainder that we owed; we still have a loan for the original down payment.  I ended up spending roughly two hours talking with the contractor and his wife.  Very nice people.  And she’s going to put out some feelers for me so hopefully that will lead somewhere.

Now, if I could get my half of the bonus check and the check to pay the bills for the first half of the month he would be all caught up.  No pressure, though.  According to the bullshit he tried feeding my daughter he cries every day so I wouldn’t want to heap even more abuse on him.  Between starting a new job, hanging out with the best friend, fucking the whore all weekend and crying for hours every.single.day I’m sure he has a lot on his plate and expecting him to write a check would be that final push that sends him right over the edge.  He needs sympathy and understanding, not rage and expectations.


Am I right?

Ack- I cannot stop with the memes!


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