Oh, Fate, You Fickle Bitch

Thanks to those lovely Facebook reminders I discovered that four years ago today I signed Cousinfucker up on Facebook.  Wow- he made it a whole year before starting up an affair with his cousin!  Let’s give him a round of applause for holding off for so long.  One year until he began his EA with her.  Approximately 3 years until he began what would eventually be a physical (BARF!) affair with her.  Four years ago I signed him up on Facebook and today he’s in the middle of a divorce, living life with his true love and deserting his kids so he can work alongside his best friend.

Here’s another funny thing.  I tried to get the archives of his Facebook page two years ago.  I wanted to see how long they had been “friends” before their affair began.  Truthfully, if I was also able to find some messages between the two of them that would have been a bonus.  I eventually had to have it sent to his email account because I couldn’t change it.  When I told him what I had done and to print it off for me he freaked out and deactivated his account.  Then later he said he deactivated it because Facebook made him feel bad about his own life.  He said he felt like everyone was living a fantastic life and it made him realize how far away he was from family. Poor lamb.  Even back then with him pledging allegiance to me I felt like there was something more to it and that obviously he had something to hide but I could never get it out of him.

None of that is the funny thing.  This is:  Once I knew about the renewed affair one of the first things he did was reactivate his Facebook account.  And delete me as a friend, of course.  Now Harley is free to tag him in all of her insipid posts.  Zack!  Zack!  Look!  Look!  Aren’t we just an adorable couple?  Don’t look behind the curtain to see two cheating jackasses.

Oh, Fate, you fickle bitch; if only I had known back then what would happen…


19 thoughts on “Oh, Fate, You Fickle Bitch

  1. Effing facebook ruined my marriage…my ex started talking to HER in Jan, he left me in May, got engaged to her 1 month later. Now that our divorce is final, they are getting married soon. Makes me sick.


    1. Rest comfortably in the knowledge that, statistically speaking, they will divorce not long after they marry…lol. Something like only 2% of married men leave for their affair partner. If they marry each other, they have a 3% chance of success. Idiots…

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      1. My STB-SIL is like that. She’s married the OM twice now. First time it lasted about 10 years. We’ll see how long this one lasts. And don’t forget that even when they remain married it’s generally an illusion. After blowing up everybody’s life they have to show the world that their love was meant to be! If they divorce then what they had was simply a cheap, tawdry affair. We can’t have that, can we?

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    2. I’m sorry about the upcoming marriage. Feel free to use Grumpy Cat.

      I don’t really have a problem with FB. I’m sure it makes it easier but it’s not like cheating is a new phenomenon. I guess since I have moved so much I like it because I can easily keep in contact with my friends from all over. But, as someone once commented, FB is great for those people who know how to use it. For others it’s just an amoral cesspool that allows them to live out their demented fantasies of true love!

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      1. I love Facebook as well for connecting with friends and staying in touch with family but clearly it is causing a lot of issues with marriages. The statistics are growing every day.

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      2. Yes, it does make it a lot easier. What would the chances be that your ex and his old flame would have reconnected before FB, what with them being 1000 miles apart? Probably slim to none. I’ve said the same about Zack and Harley. Without FB they still wouldn’t be in touch. I definitely get your point. Plus, with all the online stuff unscrupulous spouses can juggle many other partners in a way that was much more difficult, if not impossible, before.


  2. I cancelled my Facebook account. Once my ex and I separated, I used it for all the wrong reasons (spying). I eventually learned that I would only hurt myself by constantly opening up old wounds. I am not too fond of it.


    1. I still have mine. I don’t *ever* look on her page anymore, though. I used to do the same as you and it was soul crushing. That is my big “what if” when it comes to this whole second affair. What if I had simply let it go? Would we still be here? His constant claim after finding my other page was that I was going to leave him and I hated him. It wasn’t even that bad; he couldn’t handle any dissent whatsoever, though. So, I wonder to this day if I had forgotten all about her and focused on our new life here if things would have been different. If I hadn’t kept checking on her I never would have known about her connections with his family and that wouldn’t have upset me. I never would have ran with the new page. I might have been able to maintain a relationship with his family. Knowing it still upset me and that I wasn’t prepared to reconcile with his family made him unhappy. If he hadn’t been unhappy then his mom would never have suggested Harley call him. And round and round we go. Ultimately I do realize that even with all of that he could have still refused to take her call. He could have still said no. He made his choices.

      Hey, did you ever find me on Pinterest?

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      1. Oh indeed. I find it incredibly interesting that during the course of HUSBAND’s last affair, while he and SW shared hours and hours of time on FB messenger, commenting on each other’s FB page (fairly careful not to over due it, although after everything came out I was astounded at how bold they were at times…her even commenting on comments made by our children occasionally) yet…YET…to the best of my remembrance, FB never recommended her as a friend to me. Isn’t that strange?


      2. Maybe it has a whore tracker and knew not to connect you. I am amazed at the audacity of them corresponding on FB where everyone can see. Harley posted a poem on hers after the first affair and it basically was a poem about being dumped. Another time she posted her horoscope which said something about maybe it was time to give up the battle she had been fighting for the last 10 months. I shit you not it had been approximately 10 months since he had called it off with her! She’s posting about giving up her married lover that she’s been pining for ever since he dumped her. Dumb bitch!


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