He Has the Sadz

I know it shouldn’t but hearing he’s miserable makes my heart sing.  Oh, I know it’s probably not true.  But between him telling my kid how he cries every.day.for.hours and another friend getting in contact with me to see if anything ominous had happened I’m a tad bit pleased that life isn’t the blissful field of unicorns and rainbows Cousinfucker envisioned when he decided to fuck his cousin instead of remaining married to me.

This friend wanted to know if anything had happened because CF had posted something about having a rough couple of days.  Who wants to join me in a chorus of, “Awwww, poor baby!”?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Buehler?  No?  OK, I tried.

Another person said her husband had seen a strange random post from him.  I don’t know if that was the same post that caused concern in the other friend or not.

Here’s my question.  Why is he having such a rough time if he got everything he wanted?  Why is he supposedly crying every day- for hours- if his whole life is coming together the way he planned?  He wanted to be closer to his family; we moved closer- a mere 6 hours away.  Then he turned around and moved even closer; now he’s only 2 hours away from his mother.  He wanted out of this marriage; he got out.  He wanted people to feel sorry for him; his family and one friend do feel sorry for him.  He wanted to fuck Harley; he fucked Harley.  He decided she was the love of his life, his soul mate, the reason he fought a war, I’m sure; now she’s all his (well, not really- she’s a whore and shares liberally).  He told me months before I found out about his affair that he should have taken the job with Blockhead when it was offered.  Now he was stuck *here* in a job he didn’t like after moving us across the country and uprooting our lives.  Problem solved!  Blockhead gets him a job at his new company and now they work side by side.  Their offices are right next to each other and they go out to lunch together every day.  They would probably braid each other’s hair if either of them had hair to braid.

So, why so glum?  Maybe he wrapped his mind around the thought of having to pay me $XXX per month and once he found out he was going to have to pay me more than that it was like having the bluebird of happiness come shit on his birthday cake.  Or perhaps he thought his kids would tell him that as long as he was happy then they were happy for him.  Maybe he envisioned them telling him he would always be their beloved daddy and nothing he did, not even moving out of the state without saying a word to them, would cause them to turn against him.

If he thought any of those things then he’s even dumber than I thought, and let’s face it, fucking your cousin is pretty stupid.  I *told* him after the discovery of the first affair that Rock Star would hate Harley and hate her kids; there would be no happy family.  I also told him what she had said to me one day, that if I ever cheated on him she wouldn’t have anything to do with me and if he ever cheated on me she wouldn’t have anything to do with him.  He admitted he told Harley that the kids liked me better than him and that they didn’t really have a whole lot to do with him (because of that whole uninvolved dad thing).  Why this would be a shock is beyond me.  I have a few guesses, of course.  Harley telling him that kids are resilient and they’ll get over it while she’s straddling him like the whore she is.  His sister pointing to her own shining example where her kids didn’t turn against her cheating ass.  His sister forgets though that her kids were young when she divorced their dad- the older one was only around 4 when all of this started happening.  CF’s kids were 13 and 15 when they found out their dad was a lying, cheating, worthless sack of shit.  From a lot of what I’ve been reading right around age 11 is when kids begin to develop a moral code and have a great sense of right and wrong.  I’m sure his mommy blows sunshine up his ass when he can peel his dick away from the whore and actually go see her.  Once again she undoubtedly spreads the message that it will all be ok; God has a plan and his kids will come around and they will all be one big happy family with Harley the Whore and her kids.  Don’t you worry, baby boy!  Let’s not forget Blockhead.  I’m sure he’s also telling CF that the kids will come around, or perhaps even told him that they wouldn’t hold it against him before it all came out into the open.

I think more than anything it’s the money.  He was fine the entire time he was living here rent-free and had almost $5000 per month to blow on his whore and her kids.  He was a little more melancholy when he had to pay more but he certainly wasn’t crying every day.  Maybe he’s not enjoying working so that the majority of his check can go to support me and his kids.  Maybe Harley is getting a little bit restless now that he doesn’t have as much disposable cash.  Oh well.   There is a reason they say it’s cheaper to keep her; that reason is because divorce is expensive.

I would think that all the pros would outweigh the cons.  He’s got Harley, he lives 2 hours away from his mommy and can attend every fucking family event that they hold, and he works side by side with Blockhead.  He still has a good job and makes great money; he just has to give most of it to me right now.  So that leaves the kids rejecting him and since he knew from the beginning that fucking his whore of a cousin would result in him losing his kids I’m confident in saying that was a price he was willing to pay.  I’m flummoxed! I would put some more thought into what may be distressing my poor sweet husband but I have a very busy schedule.  I need to wash my hair, catch up on my DVR viewing, take notes on some new ID shows, pet my dogs, rearrange my tupperware, play Candy Crush….

14 thoughts on “He Has the Sadz

  1. A gob-smacking vortex of self-pity… CousinFucker, crying for himself because he devastated all the people who would have given a shit that he had the sadz. My mental image is of him sob-eating a double cheeseburger in the the BK parking lot, slowly, so he can delay going home to a bitching Whoreley.

    Poor CousinFucker is facing some fucking consequences of his own making… and it hurts his feelingses. LOL!

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  2. I think I might ask my friends not to share unless they think it will impact the kids.

    He is likely lying to your daughter as a tool to gain sympathy.

    I wonder if his attorney thinks his financial risk is higher than you are currently receiving? How are your settlement efforts coming along?


    1. We still have 4 months before we can even get a court date so nothing is going on. My lawyer is subpoenaing his work records and financials. I think at this point I’m just going to wait him out. And I’ve been thinking about what you said about divorce being a big negotiation. Do you have any idea if he has to show up for court if it goes to court, or can his lawyer stand in for him? Because if he has to come back here for court that is a BIG win for me. He is not going to want to drive 7 hours, pay for a hotel room and have to face a judge and explain why he left the state a mere 18 months after moving us out here.

      What do you mean by wondering if his attorney thinks his financial risk is higher than I am currently receiving?


  3. Also, I think he is likely mentally ill. You wrote about talking him through a drive, etc. These aren’t the actions of a mentally healthy man.


    1. He claims mental illness but honestly, everything out of his mouth lately has been a lie. I used to believe his rhetoric about PTSD, even sought out treatment for him. Hell, I accompanied him! Unfortunately, when you tell me how PTSD inhibits your ability to make a 10 minute drive to work and then you drive 6 hours every weekend to see your mistress I no longer believe you are afflicted with anything. When you tell me you can’t handle the last move with a guaranteed buyout and movers packing you up and then you are able to walk out the door and move to a new state, leaving your kids behind and giving not a care in the world to the brand new mortgage, again, I no longer believe you. When you talk about not being able to make a job change because there’s too much stress and you can’t handle change and then you start screwing a whore and leave your job of 15 years to take another one, I no longer believe you. I think he likes the sympathy. He is a perpetual victim and refuses to get help. I don’t believe for a minute he would be whining about a single thing if his kids still talked to him and he didn’t have to pay me much more than what he was originally paying me. The reality is I made it way too easy on him. He paid me what his lawyer had told him he would end up paying; he expected me to pay all the bills from that while he still lived at the house, paying for nothing. All the money he had after paying me went towards himself and his whore and her kids. Now reality is creeping in and he’s not liking it. Funny thing is I still don’t think he is paying rent; I think he is living with his best friend and his family right now.

      I also would not be surprised at all to find out he’s not shedding a single tear and everything he told my kid was designed to make her feel sorry for him. Again, perpetual victim.

      As for the friends I really don’t get a lot of information from them. His one friend contacted me to see if anything had happened. I think he was genuinely afraid that something had either happened to CF or to someone in his family and thought maybe I had some information. And that was the only thing he shared (the post) in a rather long conversation. It was also rather basic- just “having a rough couple of days”. The other friend I sought out. We are friends and her husband used to work with mine. I let her know what had happened with him moving and quitting his job and she told me she had heard but that no particulars had been known. That’s when she mentioned her husband had seen a strange random post; she didn’t even tell me what the post said so for all I know it said, “Free Bobo Now!” I don’t even keep in contact with Harley’s husband because most of the time it’s way too painful to face all the asshole things he is doing. The last time he contacted me it was because CF was showing inappropriate pictures of me to Harley and she was talking to someone about it. I appreciated the heads up.

      Honestly I learned my lesson the first time around. I don’t care what he’s doing; I don’t care what she’s doing. I kept on top of it before the temporary settlement orders because I could be reimbursed for the money he was spending on her, but now that he’s free to spend whatever he wants I don’t care and I would rather not know. With that said anytime someone wants to tell me he’s miserable I’m all ears. Even if it’s a lie I’d still like to hear that life isn’t all rosy because that means *I* wasn’t the source of all his unhappiness.


  4. Is life isn’t going to be rosy. He sounds pathetic.

    I don’t know about the showing up for the actual court date, and I suppose you could have mediation via phone (ie attorney to attorney). But just for the Judge to declare you divorced, then he generally won’t have to show up.

    Do you anticipate asking for more/different than your temporary orders?


  5. Ugh I wish you could edit. I wonder if his salary has gone way up (the more than you are getting comment) or because he has moved away, his financial liability for the kids has gone up. (child support)

    Or, his salary is lower but a Judge isn’t likely to lower his temp order amount. That kind of thing.


    1. I was more wondering if he has to show up if we can’t come to an agreement and the judge actually settles the case.

      Supposedly he is making more base salary but I have no idea about bonuses or stock options. I don’t know about him moving away either although I did have that thought that it might increase his support obligations. That is one of the big reasons I debated quickly filing for divorce once our year is up. I could end up with more. I could also end up with less. He walked out on restricted stock. He walked out on a fantastic bonus. I don’t know if this new company will offer him stock as well but if they do it probably won’t occur this year so he walked out on more stock. His already whining about poverty so I’m not sure how much more to push. I guess I’ll let my attorney guide me.


      1. Absolutely trust your attorney. But your attorney needs to know what he walked away from. Judges will sometimes consider that. Are you at all concerned that he may file?

        And yes, if it is contested, he would have to show up. But he will have to show up for things like depositions etc before you actually get to court…..


      2. Oh, he’s definitely not going to want to show up for that! I will also make sure my lawyer knows about *everything* he walked away from. My previous attorney wasn’t sure what would happen if he quit his job and walked away from the restricted stock. I have a feeling this new one is going to say, “Of course we can ask for half of what he would have received if he had stuck around!” I’m also hoping she will say it won’t be a problem to have his salary imputed at the annual gross amount he made here if his overall amount is lower where is he at currently.


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