Lying Liars Who Lie

I was re-reading the blog and in the beginning I said he does so much stupid stuff that this blog would practically write itself.  It’s been slow lately but recently I have gained some amazing material.

I’m going to start with a texting conversation we had.  It was very brief.  He needed some documentation for the insurance; I provided it.  He thanked me.  I asked about cards for vision insurance and he told me the new company used the same insurance as the old company and he was pretty sure they didn’t issue cards but he would look it up online.  I replied that they didn’t issue cards with the old company to which he says:  …. I am doing my best to make sure all of you are taken care of whether you believe it or not.

Now, I probably should have not said anything after that but I’ve been so good for so long.  I told him I wasn’t sure what made him think that “That’s what the old company did,” was some sort of insult but I was actually agreeing with him and there wouldn’t be any insurance cards.

Hee hee hee.  This is the best response ever.  He says, and again I am quoting, “I was just expressing my effort to take care of everyone.  I didn’t take that as an insult.  I simply added that at the end.  Maybe I was searching for a little affirmation that I was doing the right thing.”

Can you believe that shit?  It’s right up there with, “Yes, you’ve caught me fucking my cousin and giving her our money; hey, are we still having spaghetti for dinner?”  I’ve got your affirmation right here, Cousinfucker!

I wanted to reply:  You’re fucking your cousin.  It’s a little too late to do the right thing.  Or, maybe instead I should have said:  Go ask Harley for affirmation.  Or even:  Yeah, I really appreciate you providing insurance for me and the kids like you’re still legally required to by law.  And while I’m at it let me tell you how much I appreciate the fact you moved me across the country only to dump me for your cousin.  I also appreciate you moving away from your kids after moving us here.  There are so many things I would like to thank you for I don’t even know where to begin!

But I didn’t.  I did not reply at all.  Maybe I should send this to him, though.


That’s not the only comedy gold I share with you today.  I know he’s a lying liar who lies but it still stuns me on occasion when I hear some of the whoppers that come out of his mouth.

Remember how I wrote that he told people I threw all of his clothes in the trash?  He’s still peddling that lie but now he has upped the ante.  Apparently I tossed everything in black garbage bags and tossed them out into the trash.  This is news to me.  Not only did I roll his laundry cart into the guest room I HUNG UP his clothes in the closet instead of throwing them on the bed.  I think I may take a picture.  Everything that wasn’t hanging in the closet but was stored in the closet was placed in the corner of MY closet and is still sitting there today.  His clothes in his dressers (yes, two of them) are still sitting there.  In fact, he came into my room one day to grab something out of them so I know he knows they are there.  I did cop to tossing out one t-shirt which was approximately 20 years old with numerous paint stains and tears.  My bad!

Additionally, I threw out everything!  I didn’t want anything.  Another funny thing because all of those pictures were either placed on the headboard of the bed in which he slept for five months, placed in drawers in the coffee table, or were placed facing the wall on the floor, right out in plain sight.  I’m looking at them right now.  The backs of them anyway.  Is he really that devastated that I took down our wedding pictures?

As my mother pointed out this is probably why he left the house without taking anything.  It’s hard to continue to tell everyone your wife threw all of your clothes out when you show up with a carload of clothes.

Speaking of moving out, he is telling people I forced him to move out of the house.  I made him leave his home and leave his kids!  He couldn’t afford a place to rent and I also refused to give him any furniture.  In fact, I wouldn’t let him have anything from the house.  Strange, because there is an entire shelf filled with his mugs, cups, bowls, silverware.  I have a fantastic memory and I had begun putting anything that was his before we married and anything that I bought for him aside.  As far as the furniture went I would probably have been a bitch about it but he never asked.  Again, I think that plays nicely with him leaving the house with nothing but his briefcase.  “Sam is just a big ol’ meanie!  She kicked me out of MY home and took my kids away from me. She wouldn’t give me anything from our house to start all over and even worse, she won’t hang our wedding pictures over her bed!”

The reality is he was free to continue living here.  I never said he had to move out; I just said he had to begin paying rent.  He managed to stay here rent free for five months while I paid all the bills, including his car insurance.  I don’t think asking him to pitch in was asking all that much. Oh the horrors!  $750 for the month, utilities included.  That wasn’t even half of what I paid for the mortgage and utilities.  And not that it needs to be said but I never once told him he couldn’t store food in the refrigerator or use the stove or microwave for cooking.  He could use the washing machine and dryer if he wanted.  He never did.  He never even asked.  He confined himself in the guest bedroom all on his own, using the window sill and the great outdoors as his only form of refrigeration.  Yes, I found a bag of cheese sticks sitting on the window sill one day.  I was tempted to shove it off or try to get the squirrels to run off with it, but I left it.  Yes, he was free to stay and use all the amenities but it sounds so much better to tell everyone the evil STBX-wife forced you to move out- and move to a completely different state apparently!

I’m curious.  Does anyone really think I kicked him out and then Blockhead came to his rescue with a job offer?  He’s got it all backwards.  He was interviewing for jobs out of state; he finally got one.  He then moved.  Oh, but the beauty of that lie.  It sounds so good and he sounds like a perfect victim.

He’s still telling everyone he’s poor because he’s taking care of us.  I offered up the information that he had plenty of money the last five months he was here.  If he blew it all on the whore and her kids that is not my problem.  He also forgets to tell people that I am responsible for 100% of the bills, 100% of whatever the kids may need, 100% for the pets, and 100% for anything related to the household.  He does not hesitate, though, to ruefully tell everyone how he pays me 75% of his paycheck (another lie- it’s more like 66%).

Finally, he is spinning it that his kids won’t have anything to do with him despite his efforts.  When he lived here, his story is that they wouldn’t talk to him and would walk away from him every time he tried.  That is so so far away from reality.  Five months he walked right by our son’s room and never once poked his head in his room.  Five months he never once went downstairs to talk to our daughter.  Five months he never offered to take them, either of them, to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even an ice cream cone.  He never showed up to watch our daughter cheer or to a single meet.  To be fair that was the weekend and that was Harley time.  Can’t blame him for choosing a whore over his kids, can you?  He never tried anything when he was still living here.  He could have told them he wanted to take them to school.  He could have picked Rock Star up from practice or taken her to practice. He could have taken Picasso to see a movie. He could have done many things with them or for them.  Hell, he could have bought them something they wanted and left it for them along with a note that he was thinking about them or he remembered how much they liked whatever it was he purchased.  If all else fails simply try buying them off with some extra cash!  Nah, why put yourself out there?  He doesn’t try much of anything now except to pile guilt on them and ask about wedding day responsibilities and whether or not a brand new licensed driver will drive 7 hours on the interstate at 70 mph to come see him.  But he has tried so hard and they’ve rejected him and it just doesn’t matter what he does because they’ll never forgive him and all is lost.

In the end I have no doubt he’s going to walk away completely from his kids.  Of course, I will be to blame because I forced him out of his home and away from his kids.  Plus, I’m sure it’s all my fault they will have nothing to do with him.  I have powers like that, you know.

Hey, I don’t mind the lies.  I sometimes even laugh when I hear about them.  The people that will believe him aren’t people I want in my life; I would go so far as to say I have kicked all of them to curb already.  He can continue to lie to himself.  He isn’t hurting me and the lies do him no good.  Maybe in his own mind but not in reality.  As the old saying goes:  You can run, but you can’t hide.  And that’s the TRUTH!


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