Living the Single Life

A lot has been going on in Sam’s household.  Mainly stuff breaking.  First, months ago the face came off of my drawer in the kitchen.  I still haven’t fixed it although it’s a simple solution.  My daughter’s closet doors aren’t hanging properly.  That was true even before her father went on strike and refused to do anything around the house.  Her bathroom door knob is also almost off the door.  Why is everything in this house falling apart????

Currently, out of my four toilets I have two that do not flush properly.  The handle on one of them is broken and the lever in Rock Star’s toilet is broken so when you push down on the handle nothing happens.  Looks like I get to figure out how to fix some toilets.  I’m going to be honest.  Home improvement is not where I get a sense of great satisfaction.  I also do not garden or like yard work.  Truth be told I’m not all that crazy about housework or laundry!

I have a shower that won’t drain properly which I’m hoping can be taken care of with some Liquid Plumber.

My backyard still needs to be landscaped and the limbs and trash removed from last summer’s pool building.  Thankfully I have a son who will cheerfully mow the front yard for me.  The fence needs a new latch because it no longer connects properly and the dogs are getting out all the time.

I still need to repair/replace the door on our screened in porch.  The dogs pushed their heads through it the very first night we got to the new house.  CF said he would repair it next spring and would probably just replace it because otherwise they would just keep pushing through the screen.  That never happened.  I waited around all summer thinking that this would finally be the weekend we would get stuff done and every weekend he was conveniently too frail or stressed to do much of anything except sleep.  And probably text the whore.

As if all of that is not enough my freezer went kaput on me last weekend.  I had to run out and buy a new deep freezer and salvage what I could from the one that was giving up on me.  I was fortunate to be able to store some of the things that had not thawed out over at a neighbor’s house.  The rest of it, though, I had to cook.  I had three crockpots going to cook up the chicken and the pork and I spent a good two hours browning hamburger last weekend- 22 freaking pounds of it!

As always I give props where props are due.  This was something CF could have helped with.  At one point he was handy.  He could fix those closet doors, screw that doorknob back on, repair my drawer and fix the toilets.  He would probably have gone out and bought a new deep freezer a day before I did.

Oh well.  I took care of it.  I salvaged almost all of the food.  I bought the new freezer, borrowed a truck, got it home and unloaded it and set it up- all without his help.  Bonus points for the fact that I didn’t have to listen to him freak out and declare that the electrical wiring was probably bad throughout the entire house and we would have to pay thousands of dollars to update it!  Now I’m off to google how to fix a toilet!

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