A Random Post About Nothing

Once again I have nothing so I’m going to talk about the randomness that is my life.

I actually had an okay weekend.  Saturday I volunteered for the homeless shelter in our area.  They put on a Food Truck festival to raise money and I was “slaving away” in the beer tent, serving beer to thirsty customers.  I got free admission to the festival and a nifty new t-shirt.  I wanted to try a bunch of the trucks but the first one I chose I ended up waiting around 45 minutes for my food!  I ended up getting a little too much sun I was hanging around waiting so long.  The food was decent.  It probably would have been better if I had been able to eat it immediately and it had all come out at once.  I had to take off and go pick up Rock Star from her job/activity.  She lucked into a coaching job once a week.  It doesn’t pay a whole lot but for a 15 year old kid it will do.

Sunday we opted out of church.  Rock Star went to breakfast with some friends so I took Picasso to see Deadpool.  It was way too violent for me.  I am the ultimate wuss when it comes to violence in films.  Unless it’s a shark movie.  I can watch sharks devouring people all day long.  I also thought there was too much sexual innuendo but I’m sure most of that was due to the fact that I was watching with a 13 year old.  Regardless, it was a pretty good movie and definitely funny.

This brings me to a funny little sidebar.  I posted about this on social media and I was very tempted to post:  I’m not really looking forward to this movie but my kid has been begging to see it since February.  I’m taking him because I put his needs and most of his wants before my own.  #youshouldtryitcousinfucker

After the movie I ended up going to see my cousin.  Unlike the STBX I don’t have sex with my cousins.  We met for drinks and some swanky appetizers and then we walked to her downtown and had dinner.  Again, I really wanted to add when I posted, “Finally meeting up with my cousin…. Unlike some people I don’t sleep with mine.”  Or maybe, “Finally meeting up with my cousin… Just drinks, no sex.”  #havedrinksnotsexwithyourcousin #cocktailsnotcocks

It was a fun evening and I hope to do it again soon.

Tomorrow Picasso and I are off on a class field trip together.  We will be releasing trout into a river.  It sounds like a good time.  I’m hoping I don’t get ditched for a girl on the way back once again.

I had a bit of excitement tonight on my way to pick up Rock Star.  I stepped into the garage and right beside my foot was a bird- a pigeon, in fact. I know this would have freaked my bff completely out.  I once had to come over to her house and get a bird out of it.  But birds don’t bother me.  I looked at her and said hello.  Pressed the button to open the garage and she freaked out- started flapping all around.  I just got into my car at that point but then when she finally disentangled herself from behind the folding chair she flew up onto the hood of my car.  Now this was a small pigeon so I wasn’t sure if she had fallen out of a nest.  I didn’t know if maybe she had a nest of her own somewhere in my garage.  Honestly, I don’t know how she got in there.  I backed out of the garage and even honked my horn but she was not going anywhere so I had to stop my car, open my door and slap my hood once or twice, telling her, “You’ve got to get off of my hood, bird!”  She did finally fly away.

On a slightly more somber note I was outside on my enclosed porch which isn’t all that enclosed.  The screen door is a mess.  Our dogs busted through it literally minutes after we first brought them into the house our very first night here.  CF promised to fix it last spring but then he got way too involved having an affair with his cousin so that whole project fell by the wayside. Now squirrels and birds end up getting trapped in there and start to freak out until I coax them back out the door. I don’t mind them so much but I do feel bad about the blue jay that committed suicide in his rush to get away from me,  Poor little fella. Bugs and bees are also free to roam my porch now and they’re not nearly as fun. Anyway, I had let the two big dogs out to go to the bathroom and I sat outside waiting for them.  While I’m sitting there I’m pretty sure a gnat flew up my nose.  I hope it doesn’t make its way into my brain and lay eggs or something, rendering me comatose.  If you don’t hear from me in a month or two that’s what happened.

I should probably head off to bed.  I have a very busy day releasing trout tomorrow.

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