Damn You, Autocorrect!

Does autocorrect bug the ever living hell out of anybody besides me?  I swear, I do not understand its corrections sometimes.  I’m flummoxed on how every time I want to spell skank it wants to correct it to skunk, but if I type th it’s not smart enough to add the “e”.  It refuses to let me type out dumbass without trying to switch it to dumbs.  Is that even a word?  Sometimes it can figure out I’ve typed two words together but then other times it completely erases one of them. I type yers instead of years and it changes it to hers.  Really?  I transpose the letters in “as” and instead type “sa” and it doesn’t give me “as” or “say”, which I would think would be a pretty safe bet.  I type absue instead of abuse and it can’t figure it out.  And why doesn’t it recognize sonofabitch as a word?  At least it lets me type it out; it just tells me I’m spelling it wrong.  There are times I add an extra letter into a word.  It’s 50/50 whether or not it tells me I’m spelling it wrong or it will autocorrect.  I’m amused by how, on my phone, when I use Swype it wants to change divorce to suicide.  Hmmm…. is my phone trying to tell me something?  Is it the morality police letting me know that it is better to DIE than to divorce?  It also has a huge problem with the word always. It wants to go with ashtrays or anyway. Ashtrays? Really?  Fortunately, I have no problem with typing out whore or slut.  It has no problem with those two words.  Thank God because I use them a lot!

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