Top 3 Stupid Things I’ve Heard

As I’ve said before Zack likes to claim he has a genius level IQ.  And yet, he has said some of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.  I’ve taken the liberty of turning my Top Three Favorite Stupid Things he’s said into memes.


I always regretted telling him the truth.  I think about how much fun I could have had with that if I had simply let him believe there was a trick to getting the dog to poop into the bag.  Assuming, of course, he ever took the dog out himself.


I swear, when he began his earnest speech about being old enough to die for your country I thought he was going to argue you should be old enough to order a beer.  But no.  He was fighting for voting rights.  Which had already been granted for quite some time.


I howled at this one.  Seriously, I was sliding down the seat of the car, laughing hysterically, for a good five minutes.  Then I composed myself and said, “Oh, wait.  I thought you meant you were surprised they understood their commands in a foreign language.”  When he acknowledge that that is indeed what he meant I started laughing all over again!

This didn’t make into the top three but it is another good one.


Yes, he had never had a bagel until college.  No lasagna either.

<Shaking my damn head>

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