Real Life Holidays During Reconciliation

December 2013

We made it through Thanksgiving. Spent quite a bit of it dealing with an anxiety ridden husband. I kept thinking, “Oh, Harley, what I would give to see you dealing with him now. Now when it’s not all about how much you love one another and how much you want to blow him and planning your wedding and… and.. and…” No, this holiday weekend would have been real life. Dealing with stuff that’s not so much fun. Trying to juggle out of town relatives, giving your kids a memorable holiday, and checking on him. That’s life with him, Harley. It’s not all texting sweet nothings and checking up on old relatives and gossiping. It’s not letting him know every time you go to the bathroom, sexting, and imaging life together. THIS is what your life with him would look like. Dealing with the demons. Juggling multiple relationships/tasks. It’s not living in your little affair bubble where you two are the only people that exist. You’d never cut it as his wife.

Added:  November 2015  I still believe this is true.  She has no idea what is in store for her.  His sister (not Jezebel) even mentioned that.  Right now it’s all fun and games.  His kids hate his guts but he can deal with that because her four kids are blowing smoke up his ass.  He’s got plenty of money and he’s living large.  But after court, after he’s court ordered to pay much more than he’s currently paying, when he has to pay arrears and discovers he has to reimburse me for all the money he’s spent on her… then reality will set in.  Once he’s out of the house and has to pay rent and utilities on top of everything else and suddenly there isn’t a ton of money for lavish weekends….  We’ll see how much fun life with Zack is then.  He can lay on her bed in a catatonic state, crying about watching all his money go to me and his kids.  I no longer give a shit.

Editor’s Note:  Another reason I’m doing these Blasts From the Past is because this is what supposedly sent CF on his downward spiral.  Wow- that was really heart wrenching stuff, huh?  I’m sure any normal person would have read the above entry and immediately said to themselves, “She hates me; I must go fuck a whore!”


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