1st Anniversary During Fake Reconciliation

It’s Thursday so you know what that means!  It’s time for another Blast From the Past.  Yes, I know.  I run them even when it’s not Thursday but until I run out of them I’m planning on running one every Thursday at a minimum.

December 2013

Today is our anniversary. Back in June I wasn’t sure we’d make it to this date. Or if we did I wondered if we’d just be limping along, going through the motions. I knew she existed. I even somewhat suspected he hadn’t ended things like he said he did back in May. I had no idea the full extent of their involvement or how serious it was and wouldn’t learn about that for another few months. I wouldn’t learn about how serious it had always been until a few months after that. So today is an interesting anniversary. We’re doing much better. We seem to be happier than we have been in years. And yet it’s our first anniversary we’ve celebrated since he brought the whore into our lives. I don’t know how I feel about that. Six months ago my husband was telling me he didn’t know if he loved me anymore, said it would be too weird to be happy and that we had lived as roommates for too long. Four months ago I found out he had been lying to me and carrying on an affair all summer long. Less than two months ago I found out he had told his nephew he was going to marry the whore, and that they had been saying I love you and planning a future together pretty much from the moment he told her she looked fantastic and she started whining about her lousy marriage. And today I’m supposed to celebrate 19 years of marriage and completely forget about her. Maybe even pretend like it never happened. I’m just not sure that’s going to happen. But Happy Anniversary anyway, baby! Here’s to 19 years together. Hopefully the next 19 will be better. Please excuse me while I go off and cry now.

Editor’s Note:  On the plus side I only had to endure this torture one more year.


4 thoughts on “1st Anniversary During Fake Reconciliation

    1. That’s my guy! Yes, after living like roommates for so long it would just be weird to actually be happy with me. Instead, fucking your cousin seems to be the more normal reaction to him.

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