Oops, He Did It Again!

I went to get an oil change this week.  I came out with an oil change, a brake fluid flush, two new tires and an alignment.  Mixed in with all the fun of having a bill that totaled almost $600 I also saw where Cousinfucker has once again changed the address so that it reflects the whore’s home address.  This is on top of him trying to change his address to hers with our bank and then finding out he was having his pay stubs sent to her address for the last month or so at his job.

This is the car he bought me soon after we moved out here so that I could put approximately 100k miles on it in the next four years driving my daughter to and from gymnastics over an hour away.  The title has both of our names but the dealership uses his because his is the first name on the title.  He also has the same make of car and his name alone is on that title.  I’m thinking that maybe he got his own oil change before taking off for parts unknown and he changed his address to hers then.  I find it slightly curious and more than a little bit infuriating.  The bitch doesn’t need my bank statements and she doesn’t need anything having to do with my car either!

Next up, while I’m sitting there waiting for my oil to be changed, not knowing what else is coming my way, I decide to research this new insurance that Cousinfucker has so graciously provided us with.  His old plan with his old company did not have a deductible.  We not only have a deductible on our medical coverage, we now also have one on our prescription coverage.  Rock Star has migraines and the doctor recently prescribed medication for them.  He sends in a script for a nasal spray.  I get to the pharmacy and it’s going to cost me over $2100!  What?  I talk to the prescription care rep and find out about the damn deductible and that this drug isn’t covered until we meet the deductible.  I toss a few other drug names her way and she gives me the price on the two I’ve thrown out.  Call the doctor again and explain the situation.  He tries calling it in as a generic.  Nope.  Still over $2100.  Calls in one of the drugs I asked for.  As a nasal spray again.  This time it was going to be just over $300.  Still a big nope.  Finally, I get the prescription called in, in pill form and I was able to get her her medication for less than $12.  Hallelujah!

Back to my medical research.  I notice that these new cards say HSA on them and our old cards don’t.  I’m thinking, “What the hell is an HSA plan?”  So I google it.  Fuck me hard!  That sonofabitch has signed us up for a high deductible health savings plan.  I don’t know what kind of money he’s putting in there, if any, but essentially, what you do is put pre-taxed money into this account and you use it to spend on your medical visits.  You have to have a high deductible though in order to participate.  I am pretty sure with plans like this you don’t have premiums to pay.  You’re banking that whatever money you put in before taxes will be enough to cover any illnesses you may have; as an added bonus, any money you don’t spend you get back, unlike with Flex Pay.  Basically, Cousinfucker is either opting to put money in before taxes or taking his chances he won’t ever get sick, and leaving me with a high deductible before the insurance kicks in, although preventative care is covered at 100%.  He gets a credit for carrying insurance on us and paying for that insurance.  Now, however, my guess is he is not paying for insurance since he has this HSA.  In the meantime, Cousinfucker alone has access to the account so if he’s putting money into it he can pay for his own medical bills.  We, on the other hand, aren’t putting money into the account so I am stuck paying out of pocket for anything that might happen to me or either of the kids.  I did take Rock Star back to the doctor’s and they told me I didn’t have anything to pay but now I’m wondering if that’s because they’ll simply bill me.  I’m going to be pissed if I end up having to pay $85 a pop, or whatever it is when you visit the doctor, while he pockets money into his account AND gets a discount on child support because he’s “paying” for insurance.

Finally, when Rock Star sends him pictures of cars she likes he informs her that he has sent me a check for thousands and he’ll be sending me another check soon.  I love the fact that she puts all of this back on him.  “He tries to act like he’s doing this out of the generosity of his own heart but he’s court ordered to do it!  That’s the bonus check and your support check.”  Yes, Rock Star, I know.  I guess he believes that all the money I receive is to be spent on bills and children and all the money he receives is to be spent on the whore and her kids.  It’s supposed to be fun money and I’m supposed to take care of everything else.  God forbid your kids might ask you for extra money for a yearbook or a prom dress or a band uniform.  You pay support!  You shouldn’t have to pay one damn dime extra.  All that leftover money?  That’s yours to spend on your fake family.  I so badly wanted to point out to her that if he gave me XXX amount of dollars then he, too, has that amount.  What’s he planning on doing with his?


5 thoughts on “Oops, He Did It Again!

  1. It’s actually not enough to provide insurance… it’s the cost of healthcare.

    And your his income to your income remains the same. I’m laughing out loud, here. He’s fucking himself HARD.

    He still has to pay his percentage (100%) of healthcare. LOL! It’s comin’ down the pike, don’t worry!


    1. I really hope the judge is not amused by him. Between leaving the state and not setting eyes on his kids since then, leaving behind a considerable annual bonus and stock, and walking away from who knows how much in restricted stock, plus his new awesome insurance I have to believe he does not come off looking good.

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      1. When are your finalizing this thing? The change in insurance may be a violation of either your separation agreement or your state’s laws. You should check with your attorney.


      2. It won’t be until August at the earliest. He changed jobs so I’m not sure if it’s a violation or not. I don’t know what all they offer at this new company.


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