Money Is Money, Right?

This will be a brief little rant.  Even after a pleasant email from my attorney asking him if it would be possible to simply direct deposit the entire amount he owes me into my account by the 19th, Zack decides to play more games.  I’ll give him the fact that he was sick and in the hospital.  However, if he had done as my attorney asked and set up direct deposit it wouldn’t matter if he had been sick or not.  It would be an automatic thing that happens and he wouldn’t have to worry his bald little head about it.  No, instead not only is it late, AGAIN, but also I now get to contend with the fact that he owes me the entire amount instead of only half of it.  The cherry on top of the shit sundae this time around though?  Oh, he had the whore send it to me.  She addressed the envelope and she even wrote the fucking check.  She signed his name, for crying out loud!  And didn’t even do that correctly.  Instead of using his full name, Zachary, she signed it Zack.  Like, I said, I might be willing to forgive him the tardiness of the check since he was in the hospital.  But if he’s going to pass it off to the gold digging jailbird… get my fucking check to me on time, bitch!

Oh, believe me.  I intend to cash it regardless of who wrote the damn thing.  It still galls me.  It’s, what’s the word… devaluing me?  Degrading me?  Pushing my buttons? Pissing me off?  Throwing that whore in my face?  Ultimately, I think it comes down to him trying to hurt me and twist that knife in just a little bit deeper.  I hope she gets used to paying his bills for him.  I’m pretty sure she tossed aside her own stay at home husband in search of a high earner so I’m not quite sure how that’s going to work out for him.  If I had to guess I’d say badly, but that’s none of my concern.  He’s such a fuckhead!

Breathe deeply, Sam, and then go deposit that whore tainted check.  You don’t want him.  You don’t love him.  You’re better off without him.  It still spends even if it smells like skank ass whore, right?

8 thoughts on “Money Is Money, Right?

  1. Could he be slowly sinking into the muck and mire from whence he came? They sound like they are several rungs down the ladder.


    1. It is possible. If he’s to be believed he was (is?) in the hospital 2 weeks ago. He could have still been sick and had her take care of his obligations for him. Or he’s just trying to play mind games. Either way it still spends, right?


  2. lets hope she keeps writing them because I’m sure it kills her to see all that money going to you lol think of it that way!!!!!1


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