Cheating Husband Has Anxiety

December 2013

The husband is upset, anxious, mad, defeated? I’m not completely sure. I left to go get food last night. Told him I was going. Asked him what he wanted. Even made him a drink before I left. The first place I went to was packed and the line wasn’t moving. So I went to another one. Stood in line for 30 minutes. He was a basket case when I got home. I’d been gone over an hour. Add in that I left my phone at home because it wasn’t charged. He tried texting and heard my phone. Saw that I have the whore’s picture for his mom’s contact picture and freaked out even more. I think he’s pissed more than anything. I also have the whore’s picture as the contact picture for his sister, his step-dad, and his nephew who was going to tattoo the whore. Why? To remind myself that they are not my family. They do not support me. They do not support my marriage. They give lip service to the husband but at that heart of it they fully support her. And if that makes him sad so be it. Maybe he should have thought about that before he started making wedding plans before I even knew we were dating other people!


2 thoughts on “Cheating Husband Has Anxiety

  1. Not necessarily knocking tattoos but that family of his sounds hmmmmm iffy? I hope as soon as you get the money straightened out you can go nc.


    1. Yes, as Welcome To the Jungle Parts 1-5 outlined they are a special breed.

      We are already pretty much no contact. He lives 7 hours away and I rarely text him; he rarely texts me. The last 2 times I did so was due to the check not being on time. Now I’ll just go through my lawyer since he seems to want to play games.


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