Random Musings

I’ve had several people tell me I should write for a living.  That’s a horrible idea.  Not because I’m not good at it.  I don’t have time for fake modesty.  I’ve been writing since grade school; I know I’m fairly decent at this.  No, it’s a horrible idea because I feel such pressure when I have to write.  I would be no good with deadlines.  That was one of the reasons I had reservations about doing a blog.  Could I keep up with it?  Would I keep up with it?  I am so glad I have all of those Blasts From the Past that I can use.  It takes a huge load off of me.  I figure they are things I wrote before I had an actual blog so why not use them?  Plus, a large part of me really wants some outside eyes on them so people can see that what I wrote was not terribly offensive.  It’s not like I was constantly lambasting him.  While I’m not reprinting everything I wrote previously I didn’t leave out anything important. So here go my random musings.  Enjoy!

I had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.  My nephew graduated and he had an awesome graduation party with another kid from his class.  The food was good and the decorations were really cute.  My nephew is also a hoot.  I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him so unfortunately I don’t know him as well as my other nephew or my nieces.  He was the class president and raised goats.  He introduced all of us to his girlfriend which was nice.  He had several different paths he could have taken after graduation but he has decided to attend my alma mater which is very exciting to me.

In other news relating to my family I saw my other brother and his wife for the first time in almost three years.  There has been a bit of a family fall out related to his daughter.  It’s really stupid, trivial stuff.  Long story short I got tired of constantly being the one to reach out so I waited for him.  It was quite the strange reunion.  They pretty much ignored us at the graduation ceremony but walked right up to us at the party and talked.  I asked my sister-in-law what she had been up to and she replied, “Nothing,” then asked me the same.  “I moved to my current state, found out my husband was cheating on me and now I’m divorcing his ass.”  Her jaw dropped.  “You were supposed to say ‘Nothing much’!” she told me, shocked.  Then I dropped the bombshell that the OW was his cousin and that this had not been his first time doing it.

We also got to see the littlest Awesome.  None of us besides my nephew have seen her since she was 3.  She’s missing teeth and looks so grown up compared to that toddler I last saw.  She’s so cute but really has no idea who I am.  She didn’t even know she had other cousins.  I’m happy for my niece, though, that she finally gets to spend time with her little sister.

Another niece followed me home.  She and Rock Star drove in one car; Picasso and I were in my car.  Turns out he’s not a fan of driving through the mountains.  “I don’t want to die at age 13!” he tells me dramatically.  I told him I didn’t want to die at age 47.  “You wouldn’t know it by the way you’re driving around these mountains!”  Let it be known I wasn’t even close to the edge so I don’t know why he was bellyaching.

Rock Star turned 16.  She’s still really wanting a car.  She’s going to be very disappointed because I would be shocked if her dad comes through for her.  I’m hoping to be able to pull off this surprise party I’m planning for her.  If not, she’ll just be having a party.  No surprise to it!

In other news, and honestly, this is probably what I should have led with, I made noodles the other day.  I’ve got to say I was not all that impressed.  I had heard people talk about how fabulous homemade noodles are and how the taste is so superior to store bought noodles.  I’m going to have to disagree.  Now, my noodles were a bit thick so if I do decide to try them again I’m going to have to roll that dough out even thinner.  In the end though I just didn’t think they tasted any better than what I’ve bought.  It’s not that making them was that difficult but it was definitely more work than picking some up from the grocery store.  I’ll be sure to let you know if I decide to try it again and if my results are better with a thinner noodle.  I know you rush right over to my blog to get the latest recipes.

Just saw this on FB recently:  Happily married husband and wife week.  Holy shit!  They get an entire week?  Is there an Unhappily married husband and wife week?  An “I’m Going to Remain Married to My Spouse While I Have Sex With Someone Else Until I Decide the Perfect Time to Leave Her/Him week?  How about a “Yes, I’m Still Married to That Asshole Who’s Fucking His Cousin” week?  I have so many ideas!

Speaking of remaining unhappily married to cheating asswipes I am still branded.  Nine months later my finger continues to carry the indentation where my engagement/wedding ring sat for twenty plus years.  I had hoped it would be gone by now.

Finally, I have 2 new favorite words.  Tickety-boo is the most recent one.  It means OK or fine.  I’m trying to use it in place of OK in my every day language.  It confused Rock Star.  I figured it would.

The best new word I discovered though is fard.  It means to apply cosmetics to the face.  I laughed when I read the meaning.  “Next time you’re putting on make-up I’m going to ask you if you’re farding and you’re going to have to say yes!” I told Rock Star.  I have the mind of a ten year old boy sometimes.  Sure enough, next day she’s sitting at the table putting on her make-up.  I snap a quick picture and caption it, “Rock Star is farding!”   Even my nieces are in on it now.  Did you fard?  Yes, I farded.  I only put eye liner on today so I guess I lightly farded.  Oh, I crack myself up!

These can’t all be Pulitzer Prize material.  And that’s tickety-boo!

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  1. Love these, especially your new favorite words. I’m right there with you on the writing. I’m coming up on 3 years of blogging and I it still surprises me that I have been as consistent as I have been in maintaining it, posting, etc.

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