The Whore & Her Meaningful Life

Blast From the Past 12

January 2014

I have a stalking problem. I can admit it. I’m not ashamed. I figure she intruded into my life in the most intimate of ways so if I decide I’m going to keep an eye on the whore I don’t feel badly about it. I do find it amusing that she likes this online “magazine” for lack of better term, called Elephant. It’s tag line is: Dedicated to a meaningful life. I may have forgotten a word or two. Meaningful life, huh? Wouldn’t a meaningful life exclude making marriage plans with another woman’s husband? Wouldn’t a meaningful life exclude ripping apart two kids’ lives, no, six kids’ lives, because of your selfishness and allusions of grandeur? I find it fascinating that she seems to think she is this enlightened being when reality is she’s nothing more than a whore. Oh sure, I’m positive there are people out there who like her, love her even. Hell, Ted Bundy was quite the charmer when he wasn’t luring women into his car to rape and murder them. Come to think of it, he was pretty charming even then. That’s how he lured them. But, for the people he didn’t kill I hear they really liked him. He had a magnetic personality.

My advice, if you truly want enlightenment? Don’t fuck around with married men. Don’t think that you’re so special that wrecking two families for your own selfish fantasies will be ok and everyone will understand because you’re in loooooove.


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