The Day I Refused to Learn He Was a Compulsive Liar

I am tired.  I am physically and mentally exhausted and it still keeps coming.  I can’t write about it anymore right now so I’ll leave you with a Blast From the Past.

Blast From the Past 13

January 2014

More about the lies. I don’t think my husband is a compulsive liar (although maybe I should) and I don’t spend my life thinking the sky is falling and he’s cheating again. But, he has lied to me and he did it very well. There were other lies, too. Like when I asked him when they first told one another they loved each other. He insisted it wasn’t the first time they were together. Insisted they weren’t saying it by the time his sister’s wedding rolled around. But that was a lie. He was telling his nephew he was going to marry the whore May 9th. I doubt they were discussing marriage but not telling each other they loooovvvved one another. And even if I gave him the benefit of the doubt and explained it away by telling myself he’s blocked a lot of it out of his mind, or he wasn’t sure of the dates (which is why I gave him time periods instead) that still doesn’t answer why he lied again when I asked him why her husband thought I needed a lawyer. Yes, poor, dumb, lied to me. Why would he think that? You’d only been texting for around 3 weeks. Oh, you poor stupid dumbass! His answer? I don’t know. I guess because we were carrying on. Hey, how about this instead? He found her phone with all the text messages declaring your love for one another and talking about your happy future together once you divorced your wretched spouses. I don’t think the fact his wife wanted to suck your dick was what made him think LAWYER! It was the plans for the future, your supposed love for one another, and the fact you had found your soul mate that had him worried!

So I’m left wondering if those are the only lies, or if there are more. And how deeply will those lies cut?

Added on 2 days later:  And let’s not forget the lie about having never made plans to meet up.  Sweetie, just because the plans didn’t come to fruition doesn’t mean you didn’t make any.  When you’re talking about bringing your whore with you for your eight hour tattoo and she’s going to get a tattoo to represent your true love while with you, you’ve officially made plans to meet up.

Editor’s Note:  Turns out he is a compulsive liar!  So far I have thrown out all of his clothes and precious memories.  He’s paid for my college education.  I forced him to move out of his house and refused to let him take a single thing with him.  I never loved him.  We haven’t had sex in ten years.  He’s an Army Ranger.  He had to leave his current company so that he could move back home to be with his family.  He has no idea why I filed for divorce.  All of those lies, with the exception of him being an Army Ranger, were told after I found out about him and Harley.  I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the damn lies he told all summer.  I also haven’t touched on his lies about his first go-round with Harley and with Anne, whom he described as a stalker- yet another lie!


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