Questions & Reconciliation

Still not up to writing anything new so here’s another Blast From the Past.

Blast From the Past 14

January 2014

I still have a lot of questions but I don’t have answers. One of my most recent questions was: Did they have nicknames for each other? Did he call her baby, sweetie, lover, honey? Did she call him something special, too? Honestly, I do not know and because of that I’ve found myself not using any terms of endearment when addressing him. I don’t want to call him anything she has called him. Except his name, of course. If he was baby to her he will never be baby to me. If she was baby to him he no longer gets to call me that.
Added a few days later: Speaking of unanswered questions I know one of the things they talked about was what kind of house they liked. Now that we are looking for a new house I sometimes wonder if he’s simply looking for the type of house they liked, or if we’re going to make this decision as a couple without her influence. I would hate to buy a home and find out I was living in their dream house. Blech!

Editor’s Note:  This is one of the wonderful side effects of reconciliation.  You get to wonder all the time.  Well, I’m sure some of you had husbands who would actually answer your questions.  If that’s the case, you have a good one.  I was left to wonder after the first few weeks.  I was expected to forget everything that had happened and to concentrate on the future.  No more questions.  No more “dwelling” on his affair with Harley.  As you can imagine dealing with triggers and having bad days was a whole lot of fun with such an understanding spouse.  I truly believe he took any of my bad days as a personal insult.

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