When Bad Things Happen to Bad People

February 2014

The whore slid off the road and into a ditch back in January. What can I say? Sometimes bad things happen to bad people who do bad things. Maybe she’s an ok person (oh my God, that’s so funny typing that) who did a bad thing and that’s why she didn’t actually crash. Eh, don’t really care. Her bad thing was directed at me so I really don’t give a flying fuck about what a great friend or relative she may be. I don’t give a shit if she saves homeless pets and works at a soup kitchen and donates 50% of her salary to the poor. Do.not.care about her acts of service to others. I care about her manipulative, deceptive acts directed towards me and the fact she was sexting with and sending naked pictures to my husband all summer. Karma’s a bitch!


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