Dear Cheating Husband & Remorseless Whore

February 2014

One last snarky entry and then I’m done for today. I hope. Should I ever fall down on the job again and he decides he’s nothing more than a wallet and roommate to me I hope he remembers this. And then I hope he asks himself if the whore he’s messing around with would be willing to pack up all her shit, leave her friends behind, and completely disrupt her children’s lives, all so that he could be happy. Because, dammit, that’s what I’m doing right now. The next time he thinks Harley is some saint that completely understands him while I’m a nagging bitch who doesn’t appreciate him I hope he reflects on this. Because there is NO WAY that selfish bitch would make the sacrifices I have for him. This, you fucking whore, is what love is. It’s putting another person ahead of yourself. It’s packing up and moving all your shit 2000 miles because your husband says he’s miserable out here. It’s not sending naked pictures or telling him how much you want to fuck him or suck his dick. It’s sacrificing. It’s doing things you don’t want to do because your partner is miserable and you realize you can’t be happy if he’s unhappy. It’s not sneaking around behind your spouse’s back or making misty-eyed plans for the future. It’s not the newness of a forbidden romance. It’s this. It’s all this painful stuff that you don’t want to do but know you’re going to have to. It’s standing beside him even when it’s killing you to leave everything behind. What the two of you called love was nothing more than fantasy. It was a joke. You were never tested. You never had to sacrifice. You never had to deal with anxious, depressed Zack. You dealt with happy, jovial Zack who was getting all his needs met, at least online. You could tell him whatever you wanted to because at the end of the day you didn’t have to do a damn thing! And if you didn’t want to talk to him all you had to do was lie and say you had a patient to deal with. I’m living in the real world, honey. The one where clothes need to be taken to the dry cleaners and dinner needs to be cooked and socks need to be picked up off the floor and kids need to get to their various activities. And if I text sweet nothings to him all day long I’d better come through or I’m going to be accused of teasing. So that’s where we are. Harley, you don’t have what it takes to remain married to him. And Zack, you’d better realize what an absolute sacrifice I’m making for you. I’m perfectly happy here and so are our kids. If we move and you take up with that whore again I will hunt you down and make you sorry you ever met me. Believe me, you’ll have plenty of time to flirt with her since I will be gone so much, tending to your daughter. And she’s only a short six hour drive away. But I promise you will regret it with everything you have if you fuck me over again. THE END



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