Happy Birthday!

Blast From the Past 30

March 2014

Today is the whore’s birthday. She’s 42. Happy Birthday, Harley! This is your first birthday since fucking around with my husband. Hopefully at age 42 you’ll be wiser than you were at 41, although I doubt it. If you didn’t realize by age 41 that messing around with a married man wasn’t a good idea I’m not sure you’ll ever get it; Hell, I had enough common sense to not get involved with a married man at age 21.

Enjoy all your birthday wishes from friends and family. You seem to be loved by many although I do wonder if all those who are adoring you know about you and my husband. Maybe they don’t and your good name is still intact. Maybe they do but they don’t care because it wasn’t their husband (or wife, in the case of male friends). Maybe for the male friends it turns them on a little because now they know you’re willing to cheat. Bonus for them!

Enjoy celebrating with your husband and children. How was that you put it- your husband, the one man who has stood beside you through thick and thin, keeping vows that you couldn’t, and your children, the ones you hurt so deeply when they realized you were willing to destroy their lives for another woman’s husband? Honestly, I’m sure they’re glad you’re still around and no longer fucking around with my husband.

Happy Birthday, Harley! Enjoy it! You deserve it because you’re such a wonderful person. I think I’m going to remind Zack it’s your birthday and see if he’d like to wish you a happy birthday, too. Maybe all my in-laws can stop by your place with a cake and balloons and you can celebrate with them. I’m soooooooooo happy you were born!

Editor’s Note:  Turns out she’s still a dumb bitch!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Oh Sam. So much pain. My in-laws knew of one of HUSBAND’s affairs for a year. Apparently there was a family meeting about it, sans me or HUSBAND. No one said a word to me, or to him. That remains an overwhelmingly painful place for me, and obviously for you, too.

    I’m sickened by the betrayal of your husband, and doubly/triply sickened by the betrayal and collusion of his family.

    Are you able to be part of a support group, or get some counseling for yourself? This is big stuff, Sam – you need to take care of you. For you.



    1. Thanks. I was seeing a counselor for a while but now that CF is not sending me anything I quit going. I’m hoping that the new town we’re moving to might have a divorce support group.

      You are correct about it being a double betrayal. While this all took place at least 2 years ago it still boggles the mind that after all I did for them that they could just turn their back on me. No, actually the most astounding thing would be how they *didn’t* turn their back; no, instead they wanted to carry on like nothing had happened while they continued to have a relationship with her.

      I’m sorry your husband’s family did that to you. How are things with them now?

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      1. So difficult, so stilted. I’ve gotten some real support from this amazing group of blog sisters to just completely cut things off. It is the one area I still have overwhelming pain about…I still feel like I can’t breathe sometimes.

        How can people be so unbelievably…
        all of the above?



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