I Am So Evil

Blast From the Past 31

April 2014

This is the month that it all began. I’m watching out for triggers but I feel good. Life is good. The whore is inconsequential. We’ll see how I’m doing later this month. And of course, next month should be loads of fun.

Editor’s Note:  Isn’t this just the sort of thing you’d hate to see if you had cheated on your spouse?  Your spouse declaring that he or she feels good!  That life is good!  That the affair partner is inconsequential!  Those are just the sort of declarations that could send you right over the edge and back into your skankmaster’s arms, aren’t they?  Poor CF.  He had it so rough.  With vicious statements such as those it’s no wonder he ran back to Harley.

2 thoughts on “I Am So Evil

    1. As I mentioned much earlier when I first began running these, I have a purpose behind running them. I have a lot of them, too. I usually run them when I’m too busy to write out a new blog post, or when I haven’t been inspired to write anything new; I also run them on Thursdays as an ode to the whole Throwback Thursday on Facebook. I assure you I’m living in the present and not at all lost in the past; I’m just busy packing up my life and moving another 600 miles away while crossing my fingers that my kids transition well to yet another school and state. 🙂

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