The End of This Chapter

Hello! I have been so busy these past few days I haven’t even had time to put together old writings for you to read on a regular basis! I guess the bright side is I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to cry or reflect on my upcoming move, which will commence in about 8 hours.

I made the mistake on Thursday of trying to a. hold another yard sale, b. sell furniture through a Facebook posting, c. try to finish up all of our packing, d. pick up my U-Haul, and e. drive to DC to pick up my brother from the airport. Oh boy!

Up again around 5:45 to take a shower which was pointless seeing as how the sweat was dripping down my back within an hour. We pulled everything outside and within about an hour I needed to leave to go pick up the U-Haul. Good news- it wasn’t nearly as challenging to drive as I was afraid it would be. I actually kinda liked it.

I had placed an ad for my furniture on Facebook on Wednesday. It ended up working out very well for me. I had 2 people come over the first night and on Thursday I continued to field questions and let people in to pick up furniture.

I had no idea how much stuff I still had! I kept thinking it wouldn’t be difficult to pack up.  I figured I would have a handful of boxes. Oh no! Even after clearing so much out I still pretty much filled a 20’ truck. My brother was freaking out earlier in the day today, thinking we were at the half way point and couldn’t get much more in.  Turns out he was wrong and we managed to get a lot more in there! Hooray!

My final task for Thursday was to pick my brother up at the airport. We left around 2 to retrieve him at 4. Halfway there my mom gets a text from him telling her that he is still sitting on the tarmac.  Thunderstorms and lightening are delaying takeoff. We decided to stop and eat dinner to kill some time because at this point he was probably an hour behind schedule. On our way to the airport after dinner she checks his flight status and finds out he won’t be getting in until 5:41. So now we’re an hour and 40 minutes behind and we still have packing to do. Then, he landed but there was no gate for them. He sat on the tarmac for an hour! We were finally on the road by 7, which should have been when we got home originally.

In the meantime, my poor daughter was having to deal with people coming to the house to buy more furniture. Oh, and did I mention the heavy rain we encountered both going to pick him up and on the drive back home? Yes, that happened.

Once we finally got home he wanted to take the kids’ beds apart so he didn’t have to worry about it today while we were loading. I think I finally got to bed around 1:30.

Then I was up around 6:20 today. We’ve been hitting up Walmart for extra boxes and apparently they will hold boxes for you overnight but you need to pick them by 7 am or they go to the baler. I picked some up on Thursday morning and again on Friday. After that I spent most of the day packing and loading. It was so hot and humid.  I swear I’ve lost 5 pounds just by sweating. I have been a stinky, sweaty, hot mess for the last few days!

I am exhausted and need to get up early again tomorrow. I need to load up my car with the suitcases and odds and ends.  I’m taking my daughter and 3 dogs with me so I need to make my backseat comfy for the big dogs while also jamming stuff in there to take as much as possible with me. I will leave you with this one last thought tonight and I promise I will write more later.

Shortly after we moved in our neighbors came over to welcome us. One of the things they told us was that the reason our neighborhood doesn’t have street lights is so that we can enjoy the stars. Tonight, as I was running things out to my car I took a moment to look up into the sky. It was filled with stars, bright beautiful stars. I don’t know that our first night here was a starry night; I do know, however, that every time I look up into the sky and I see the stars I think of my neighbors, my unique neighborhood, and our short-lived life out here. It seemed fitting that the stars were out in full force on our last night here.

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