Memes That Make Me Happy

You should all know by now that memes make me happy. I thought I would share some of my favorites that make me laugh. Some make me think, at least for a minute. I didn’t create any of these so I can’t take credit.


Not long ago my brother was advising me on what approach to take with CF. He tells me, “You need to be a mix between Mom and you when you’re normal.  Not the pissed off version of you.  You’re just crazy when you’re like that.  Don’t bring that one to the table.” I’m paraphrasing, of course, but I thought it was cute that my 6’4″ brother thinks I’m a scary person when I’m righteously pissed off. So take heed, CF! You are quickly pushing me to the breaking point and to quote David Banner, “You won’t like me when I’m angry.”


I just liked this one.


The freaking story of my life right now!


That is so true.  That’s the way I felt about Jezebel and her, “I understand,” comments. No, you don’t understand.

The next few are my attempts at cheering myself up and looking towards the future. Some days they help; other days they piss me off. Nonetheless, I try to take them to heart and fully embrace the wisdom.

Have you had enough inspiration?  Yeah, me too.


This one just made me laugh. As did the next one. I literally laughed out loud.


I guess I have a morbid sense of humor some days.


Definitely un-PC but I have seriously felt like the woman in the picture above.


Hmmmm…. who could that be describing?


Another un-PC meme but the way I’ve been feeling towards that jackass I married lately it fits my mood! Apologies to all my male readers.


That accurately describes my feelings towards CF and Harley.


I really struggle with this one.  It would be so easy to shut myself off forever. So many people urge me to date but I am just not ready. Hell, I’m not even officially divorced! At this point I don’t think I would even be good dating material, much less relationship material.





It is unfortunate that so many cheaters don’t realize either of the above. It’s unfortunate that so many people, period, don’t realize either of the above.  We want bells and whistles and fireworks and movie like romance. When that initial period of love and lust subsides some people think that means they’re no longer in love. But it’s a choice, folks. It’s “anyway” and “even though” and “in spite of”.  It’s what remains when the excitement fades and every day life becomes your reality. Love bombing feels great when it’s happening but it’s a ruse, people! It’s used to snare you before you recognize the great and powerful Oz is really just a man behind the curtain. Sometimes you spend a lifetime trying to get that love bomber back, but the sad truth is he (or she) never was that person.



Just another something or two to make me laugh.  I need laughter these days.

The next four are things I try to remember while going through all of this, especially the last one.






Remember that, CF. Better lace up those running shoes.


CF’s definition of a bitch!

This is what CF, Jezebel, Harley and the whole lot of them will never understand.


I’m talking to you, CF!


Have you ever noticed a person is only described as a soul mate when they have done really egregious things to be together?


This makes me smile because I had two black cats.  They were the best cats ever.  I loved them.  If I ever have another cat, which is doubtful, I would go with a black one in a heartbeat.

Finally, who can resist a cute puppy dressed in pajamas (or a onesie)?  It makes me smile every time I look at it.


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