Anybody Else Having This Problem?

Technical question here.  Is anybody else having a problem with WordPress being all wonky? I can publish articles but I can’t seem to save anything to drafts. It will begin to automatically save and then it freezes on that.  I’ve closed out the page several times and it seems like the first post will sometimes save, but anything after that is in perpetual save mode. Anybody else have this happen to them, and if so, what did you do?

6 thoughts on “Anybody Else Having This Problem?

  1. I had this going on last week, and just as randomly as it started, it just as randomly stopped. Usually it would happen when I was 3/4 of the way through a post, so I would copy the entire thing to a Word document and the close out of WordPress completely and finish writing/editing in Word, then repeat the cut-and-paste in reverse. Sorry to not have a more technically advanced solution.


    1. Thanks. Glad to know it should randomly stop. 😉 I type all my posts in Word (or Pages, I guess) and then copy it over to WordPress so thankfully I’m not losing anything. It just gets to be a pain because sometimes I’ll have a few entries to put in drafts so if I’m on the road or out doing something I can publish it from my phone.


  2. I have been having a problem on the mobile site…when I open a comment, I see it for just a split second then SWOOOOOOPPP! It is gone.
    And I mean, gone.
    Not available mobile, and not on desktop.
    So now I’m not looking at anything on mobile!!!



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