That Time I Realized He Had Been Playing Me

It’s Thursday! We are going to take a day off from unpacking and head to the beach. In the meantime it is time for another TBT.

Blast From the Past 34

April 2014

I was going to post that I’ve been great this month. And I have. No triggers, even though we are entering the time they decided they were soul mates destined to be with one another. But I just realized posting about my last times that last year when I was doing Teacher Appreciation he was all, “Oh, baby, you work so hard. Great job! Oh my gosh, you mean there’s more than just one day? You’re amazing!” Son of a bitch- he was fucking around with the whore last year at the same time he was acting like he gave a shit about me and what I was doing. Now I’m pissed. I can handle someone being unloving and unaffectionate. I can’t handle someone pretending to give a damn, acting like they’re so amazed by me and my accomplishments, while they’re pledging their love to a skank ass whore, making me look like a fool. Son of a bitch!


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