A Philosophy Lesson

Back in the good ol’ days when I was trying to recover from CF’s emotional affair with Harley I often stalked her FB page. Of course, I prefer to call it “research”. It’s a strange thing but back then I was so much more focused on Harley and what a whore she is. This time I haven’t really focused on her.  Oh sure, I think she’s a sociopathic, home wrecking, immoral, gold digging tramp with a record, but I don’t worry about her. Don’t get me wrong. If a truck came along and hit her, splattering her body into a few dozen pieces I wouldn’t cry.  I’d probably even laugh at her misfortunate.  Then again, I’m a bitch and I’m mean and unforgiving like that.

I think, for me at least, it comes down to cognitive dissonance. How could I rage against my husband with whom I was trying to reconcile? I used her as a scapegoat instead.  I could let out all my rage on her and he was safe. Now that I’ve kicked his ass to the curb I don’t need to take it easy on him, and therefore, I don’t need to fixate on her to get my rage satisfied.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all thankful for the psychology lesson but this isn’t what this post is about.  No, instead I thought I would share with you some of Harley’s wisdom and my snarky comments from the first go round; for anyone concerned I haven’t checked up on that bitch since November and have no plans to do so. She is so smart and so philosophical. If she weren’t fucking my husband and tearing my life apart I think she would probably be my very best friend! Are you ready for some words of wisdom from a home wrecking whore?  Great!  Let’s get started.


Then: Bless her heart. Yes, I’m sure her affair with my husband was exactly what she needed to do for the greater good. I’m sure their affair brought them to exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Now: I’m going to have to disagree with this idea that the journey I am on, right now, is exactly what it needed to be. It sucks great big donkey balls and it is not what I needed. At.All!  Furthermore, I have lost time.  I lost 20 years of my life to that jackass I married. I squandered the best years of employment I had to raise our children and in return for that I have been discarded and am starting all over. If this is what life has in store for me, if this is my now, then I don’t want it.


Then:  Is she having a hard time? Still trying to come to terms with the fact she’s a whore, and that her soul mate tossed her aside when he realized he was thisclose to losing his wife and family? Must suck to make plans for your future with another woman’s husband and watch those plans fall apart. Just breathe, honey; it’ll be ok.

Now: Ah, can you feel the whore angst in the air?  Just breathe.  Have faith that the good Lord will send someone else’s husband your way.  Have faith that you will eventually help to wreck the lives of two innocent kids. But you know what, Harley and CF?  I’m not going to obsess or imagine.  I’m going to breathe and have faith that you both will get everything that you deserve.


Then: You know, for a whore she’s really philosophical.

Now: Pssst!  Hey, Harley, I don’t think the Dalai Lama encourages people to fuck around on their spouses with someone else’s spouse. Call me crazy but… I think basically what he’s telling you here is that while yesterday you may have made the bad choice to fuck my husband and fuck around on your own and tomorrow you’re going to make the same stupid choice, today you have a chance to be a decent human being.  You have a chance to not be a lying, manipulative, cheating, gold digging skank. He is not encouraging you to love, believe, do and mostly live on the backs of others.


Then & Now: Let me help you out. You’re the evil one. You’re the whore, remember? Hope that helps!


Then:  But it is too late to erase the fact that you’re a whore who sent naked pictures and sex fueled texts to another woman’s husband. It’s too late to erase the fact that you were telling someone else’s husband you loved him and wanted to marry him and were willing to leave your husband for him. It’s too late to erase the fact that you were planning a future with another woman’s husband and planning on tattooing a permanent symbol of your undying love for one another on your body. No matter what you do, no matter how philosophical you might become, you can never erase that.

Now: It is way too late to erase that the fact that you are a home wrecking whore who doesn’t have an empathetic bone in her body.


This was my advice to her: Oh, I approach life so bravely. It’s such a trial. Just be, bitch. That doesn’t take any bravery at all. You are not special.

Now: There is nothing brave about you. Depraved, perhaps, but not brave. Brave women don’t block their lover’s teenage daughter when she calls them out on their shit.  A brave woman would have apologized. A brave woman doesn’t stand by and take everything for her own children while her lover abandons his own. A brave woman would insist he do right by his family and have nothing to do with such a sorry excuse for a father.  A brave woman understands that if he’s willing to cheat on and lie to his wife and abandon his kids, then he’s going to eventually lie to and cheat on her and abandon her kids as well. Then again, a brave woman would never get involved with a married man, nor would she cheat on her own husband.  You are not brave. You’re an entitled whore.

This one wasn’t posted by her but I’m sure it was an oversight.  This is exactly the kind of drivel she thrived on!



The same can be said of karma, bitch. It might take a day, it might take a year… but it will find you.


Hey, Harley, if you’re really that concerned about being a strong woman and raising a strong woman you might start with not being a deceitful, manipulative whore. That would be a good life lesson.  Strong women don’t fuck other women’s husbands; morally bankrupt whores do.


And I suppose that makes their affair some sort of life lesson that wasn’t wrong at all. It was something they didn’t regret. Thank God they took the plunge instead of living with the regret of, “What if?” BAER


Then: I’m wondering, was this a reminder to herself that their affair wasn’t love because it was making her less, or was this a reminder that the affair was true love because it made her “more of who she is”?

Now: She must have decided it was true love. Well, it certainly made Cousinfucker more of a lying, cheating pathetic excuse of a man and made Harley more of a lying, conniving, cheating whore.


More wisdom from the whore. I can’t even comment on this one. No, wait, I think I can.  Harley to her daughter: Sweetie, don’t worry if your married lover won’t leave his wife the first time.  You just keep on calling and letting him know you’re willing to suck his dick and eventually he’ll leave her and you can finally have your cheating Prince Charming. Naturally, I leave off the cheating part.


You are a truly demented woman and I cannot believe that at your age you still believe in fairy tales and that somehow fucking around with a married man will lead to happiness.


Then: Not my husband, though.  He will never come to you.  Update:  I found the original posting.  I wrote:  I love this one.  It was posted about two weeks before I found out.  I’m sure she thought if she was patient my husband would eventually be hers.  Perfect timing and all that…

Now: I think she may need to worry more about getting everything she deserves.  Because that shit comes to you at the perfect time, too.

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. THe best is yet to come

Then: Well, it won’t be with my husband!

Now: Enjoy supporting him while he has his yearly breakdown!


Off their knees?

More shit from the whore.


Drivel. It wasn’t destiny. It was him being a delusional asshole, looking for attention and titillation, and you being a manipulative, deceitful whore.  Update:  This one originally said, “Isn’t she just precious?”


Then: You can be patient until the day you die. He will never come back to you. And it will never be the right time.

Now:  Apparently that patience and a little help from Tammy Faye paid off! She managed to win herself a lying cheater! Meanwhile, he’s got a woman who cheats on her husband, sends “inappropriate” pictures to a neighbor and nails her husband whenever he gives in to her begging.


Here’s another thought. If you don’t fuck around with another woman’s husband you don’t need hope or strength.

There you have it! Wisdom and philosophy lessons from a whore.  This is all drivel she posted on her FB during her first affair with CF and for months afterwards. I’ve seen puddles that are deeper than Harley.

3 thoughts on “A Philosophy Lesson

  1. Funny, several of these were posted by HUSBAND’s slut, too. Wonder if there is a manual?
    And when I see these truism’s on friend’s walls these days, I throw up a little in my mouth. Funny how they can be twisted for use by cheaters. Or maybe not so funny.


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