Me, Donna Reed, Three Black Bears And a Roundabout

I haven’t forgotten about my blog; I’ve been busy lately.  Not a fun busy, either.  It’s been a working, sweat your ass off busy.

As I said earlier I thought I would have plenty of leisure time on my recent trip back to our old house.  I figured it would take a few hours to clean the place and another two hours or so to mow and then the rest of the time I would be able to write. That didn’t happen!

Let’s begin with the third item in this entry’s title. On our way back to the old house, about an hour away, we saw three freaking bears in the middle of the road! Rock Star was driving and thankfully was taking the turn at about 25 mph so we were already going very slowly when we rounded the corner and saw them. It looked like a mama bear (a small mama bear) and 2 cute little cubs; they were just sitting there like they owned the road.  Rock Star and I were both sitting there slack-jawed, not quite believing what we were seeing.  I have never seen a bear out in the wild and that day I saw three of them. I was so astounded I couldn’t even manage to take a picture.

I started cleaning the first night we got there and then finished up the next day- late! I did take a two hour break to meet a friend for lunch and then took another break to talk to another friend later that night. I wasn’t “nose-to-the-grindstone” cleaning but there was a lot of vacuuming going on! Plus, Picasso’s room was a wreck, bare as it was, so I spent more than a few minutes picking that up. The basement was a wreck so that took a while as well. Don’t even get me started on Picasso’s bathroom! It didn’t look disgusting but there seemed to hard water stains or something on the shower and in the toilet so that required some heavy duty scrubbing.

The best part though was what I was wearing while I cleaned. I had packed the night before in between commercials for the Olympics. Not necessarily my brightest idea. I thought I did okay. I get up the next morning once we were back at the old house and pull out my clothes. There’s my dress for court. There are my undies. My extra bra. Three pairs of shorts. Um… where are my tops? Yes, that’s right.  I packed three pairs of shorts, a dress for court, a cute pair of sandals to wear with said dress, and forgot the shirts to go with the shorts. Why not just reuse the shirt I wore the day before? Good question. The answer would be because I wore a maxi dress the day before. So, I spent the day cleaning the house in my cute little dress, feeling like Donna Reed on Leave It To Beaver. Item #2 on this entry’s title- check!

I did end up running out to Kohl’s to buy some tops. I was supposed to meet my cousin for dinner that night, plus I couldn’t very well switch between 2 dresses for the next two days. Besides, with all that cleaning I was a hot, sweaty mess. I should have packed two extra bras!

I also had a few people stop by to buy some of the remaining furniture and I was nice enough to help load it for them. Again, lots of sweat. Ironically, one of the women who bought a chair from me is the sister of the man who did the concrete for my pool. How weird is that?

I was thinking that the next day would be pretty easy because it was all about mowing and running some errands. I was so wrong! The errands were finished with fairly early in the day. I made the mistake of mowing right around 11:30, maybe 12:00. Oh, and I weeded, which I hate! The front flower bed was overflowing with weeds and no amount of weed killer has seemed to helped. I found a pair of gloves in the garage and went to work. After I weeded the four flower beds I decided to try to weed the area around the small pond we have in the backyard.  It seriously looks like a jungle back there.  I’m terrified of snakes and am convinced they are all congregating back there but I forced myself to try to weed anyway.  The operative word is “try”. They were just too damn much for me! I pulled some and mowed some later, but many of them I just couldn’t pull out. I gave up after about 10 minutes and began mowing the backyard.  That was a total bitch! One half of it is mainly weeds. I’m trying to get underneath the trampoline which was a PITA. The crap growing around the pool can’t be mowed; that all had to be pulled by hand. Nothing like weeding around a 16×20 pool when you’re already tired, sweating through your shorts and bra, and it’s 90 plus degrees out with way too much humidity. Already exhausted and feeling like I was going to pass out I took the lawn mower up to the front and began mowing once again. I did take two breaks- one after I weeded the flower beds and then shortly after I mowed the backyard.

I finished up around 3, sold some more items, and then took another shower. I was pretty free after that but Rock Star had friends over and they were using my computer to watch Netflix. It was quite the sight- 6 teenagers all sharing one couch and watching Netflix on my computer. I would think they would rather go out, which is what I did!

We drove home the next day and then on Friday I was up bright and early to help drag stuff outside for yet another yard sale! Once again I was sweating through my clothes.  I am amazed anyone even buys stuff from me since I look so disgusting! My hair generally looks like I’ve stuck my finger in an electric socket, I’m wearing no make-up and my clothes are soaked with sweat.

Anyway, this yard sale led to another funny story the night before and the final item in the title. My mom and I went out to place the signs for the sale. One of the areas where she wanted to put a sign is right at a roundabout. Now, years ago I had joked, “What happens if you decide you just want to continue driving round and round in these things?” Folks, that was my reality that night. I had to go around several times before the traffic cleared up enough to let her out and then I was driving round and round while she placed the sign! I bet I drove around eight times. Then she accused me of almost running her over! The real story is she darted out in front of me!

All that sweating and hanging outside in the heat and humidity led to a whopping $31 payday for me! So not worth it. It was supposed to rain today so we opted to forego the sale. We’ll try again another weekend when the weather is cooler. The good news is I got to spend more time in the roundabout today while my mom picked up the signs. I told her to hop out quickly and she told me she was 70 years old and she didn’t hop anymore. Then she told me she hoped she lived until I was 70 so she could make fun of me in my old age. Glad I can give her something to live for!

Tonight we’re having steak and potatoes. We found out a market up north was selling ribeye steaks- buy one, get TWO free! We each bought 2 and got 4 free so now we have enough for 3 meals.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with some other women from the area. I have never met them; I found them on It’s a group for women over 40 who like having outdoor adventures. Most of these adventures seem to revolve around taking walks and I can certainly do that! We’ll see how that goes.

School starts soon. Please cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly for both of my kids. Rock Star says she has a feeling that it’s going to be a disaster.  She likened it to how she thought her dad and I were getting a divorce before I knew we were getting a divorce. I’m also still waiting to hear back from the school district to see whether or not she got into her first choice. I’m thinking this is not a good sign.

That’s all for me today. Stay tuned!

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