Get In My Car and Drive

Do you remember when you finally got your license? I do. I was 16 and 2 months. In Indiana if you had taken Driver’s Ed you could get your license at 16 and 1 months. If you hadn’t, you needed to be 16 and 6 months. Oh, it was glorious! Freedom! Granted, I didn’t have my own car so I had to borrow my mom’s but nonetheless, I could go places without her! We didn’t need to have her drop us off someplace and then come and pick us back up.

My daughter is eagerly anticipating getting her license. She has really kinda been screwed over with both of these moves. To begin with, in Utah you could get your permit at 15. In Virginia you had to be 15 and 6 months. It was killing her to watch as all her friends were getting their permits and she didn’t have hers. Finally she gets it and I never drive again. OK, slight exaggeration, but not by much.

In Virginia kids take Driver’s Ed through the school. It’s an actual class period during P.E. After they’ve taken Driver’s Ed and logged their 45 hours of driving they then take Behind the Wheel for a week. Once they pass their Behind the Wheel test they are given a provisional license and their paperwork is sent off to the state capital to be processed. At 16 and 3 months they can then drive with their provisional license and learner’s permit even without the hard copy of their permanent license; in other words, they are officially licensed drivers. Ultimately, they get a court date and go before a judge who ends up giving the parent the license to give to the child. If we were still living in Virginia Rock Star would be able to drive on her own next month, and believe me, she has been counting down the days until she can drive off on her own!

That brings me to our current state. Depending upon which website you read Rock Star is either screwed or really screwed. She’s supposed to get her new license within 60 days of moving here. That would be the end of next month. If you are under the age of 18 you need to have a license from your former state for 180 days. Otherwise, you need to get a learner’s permit from this state and hold it for, wait for it, 180 days! Six months. The other website said you only needed to have it for 3 months; Rock Star also reports that they will consider her provisional license as a real license. She still doesn’t meet the requirements. Her 90 days will be up towards the end of October. And if you don’t meet that requirement, yep, 6 more months with a learner’s permit. She’s going to be almost 17 before she gets her license more than likely.

At this point I’m not even sure if they will forward her hard copy of her license to her here in Indiana. They might very well say, “Hey, she no longer lives here. She’s not a licensed driver in our state since she’s not a resident.”

Her only hope may be if Indiana does indeed recognize her provisional license and I can simply wait until October to take her to get it. How will they know when she moved here? I could always lie and say we moved in August. Technically, I am still a homeowner in Virginia. My name’s on the deed; it hasn’t been sold.

If I’m honest I will say I have been looking forward to the day that she could drive herself to school and to work. It would be wonderful to send her off on small errands. On the other hand, I do enjoy our conversations in the car. I fear not knowing anything about her if I’m not the one driving her around. How will I know which songs she listens to if she’s not around to take charge of my radio? How will I know how her day went and if she made any new friends or what’s going on with which set of friends? When she’s home, she’s usually holed up in her room; I get all my information when we’re in the car together. I’m going to miss that.

I realize waiting won’t kill her but she has been counting down the months, then the weeks and now the days. She fully expects to be able to get into my car and drive off on her own on L-Day (License Day). She’s already lost out on so much and had to watch as all her friends back in Utah got their permits before her and then their licenses, not to mention watching her friends in Virginia get their licenses. It must be incredibly difficult to be one of the last people in your social circle to get your license, especially when it’s not due to your age or anything you did or didn’t do. No, instead it’s because your dad decides to go off and fuck a whore and then fakes a breakdown so he doesn’t have to pay any support, forcing you to move and start all over with a learner’s permit for 6 months. Thanks, Dad! Gosh, I wonder where Harley is to gush to anyone who will listen about what a fantastic father he is? Yep, I’m blaming him for all this crap!

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