Get In My Car and Drive, Part 2

Yep, she’s screwed. I called the DMV yesterday. They will recognize her provisional license but she would need to hold it for 6 months before she could get a license here. Days away from being licensed to drive and now it’s back to a learner’s permit for Rock Star.

Fortunately for me, but not for her of course, it wouldn’t have mattered if I found out this information when we first got here because HERE if they haven’t had their out of state license for 6 months and they haven’t taken Driver’s Ed IN THIS STATE they can’t get their license until they are 16 and 9 months. Lovely! So nothing she did before counts. I paid $200 for her to take Behind the Wheel for nothing. She got up at 6:30 in the morning to get ready for absolutely nothing. Now I get to call the insurance company and see if they will accept her Driver’s Ed from another state, or if she has to take Driver’s Ed in the state in which she was licensed in order for me to get the Driver’s Ed discount. Yeah, if CF were working I would absolutely demand he pay 100% for Driver’s Ed here or have to pay the difference in what I will have to pay for her. Seeing as how he’s busy with his fake nervous breakdown and fucking a whore I suppose I could still ask for it and a judge could still order it but it won’t mean a damn thing.

Rock Star is a true champ, though. After telling her last night (she didn’t ask right after school and I wasn’t eager to offer it up) she raged for a few minutes, calling this state fucking stupid (I agree, baby girl), lamenting the fact that I was still going to have to drive her around and that she was going to be the only junior without a license; then she cried (which was pitiful and made me cry).

It’s not fair! I did everything I was supposed to do and I even did it early! Now I have to start all over.

But this morning she seemed resigned to yet another shitty thing happening to her and she simply asked how soon we could go to the DMV so she could get her learner’s permit, and pointed out she could get her license in early March, which seemed to be an important distinction.

This is why I have stopped asking what else he could do. He always finds something. I realize this isn’t the end of the world. Hell, I have a 23 year old nephew who still doesn’t have his license, has no desire to even get one! But she wanted this and she was counting down the days. She wasn’t that kid that didn’t want to drive or get her license. No, she was down at the DMV the very first day she was eligible to get her permit.

Her not getting her license doesn’t affect Cousinfucker one little bit. He’s not the one that has to take another written test. He’s not the one that has to pay for yet another permit. He’s not the one who will be juggling schedules trying to get her to work once I begin working as well. He’s not the one getting up at 6 in the morning to catch a bus that comes at 6:45 so he can ride the bus to school (and she LOATHES having to take a bus; I’m sure she sees it as a huge humiliation.). He’s also not the one juggling schedules trying to get the kids to school if a bus is missed. He certainly wasn’t the one that had to break the news to his child or watch her cry from the disappointment. He spends his day going to his therapy appointments, fucking a whore, and watching his damn DirectTV that he had installed at the brothel. He pays $500 to have the whore’s daughter’s vehicle repaired and promises to buy her a new car but he doesn’t even give a shit if his selfish actions cause his daughter to remain unlicensed for another 6 months. Hey, this will give him 6 more months to blow money on the whore and her kids so that when his daughter does actually get to drive he can tell her he has no money to help out with purchasing a car.

I hate him. I really really do. I turned to my mom yesterday and asked her why he didn’t just come up here where we are and put a bullet in us instead of killing us slowly with all of this bullshit.

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