Too Close To Home

I’ve been watching Tyler Perry’s Too Close to Home on TLC. Anyone else watching? For those not in the know it’s all about a small town girl from a trailer park in Alabama who ends up working as an intern and having an affair with the president. He has an apparent heart attack during one of their trysts; she’s outed and humiliated and is forced to return to Alabama.

I was just watching the scene where Heather Locklear as the First Lady confronts Anna, the mistress. First, I want to say she did a brilliant job and one should be so lucky as to be able to confront the AP and wreck the havoc on their life the way she was able to. She called her names, picked at her insecurities, forced her to take the morning after pill so she wouldn’t get pregnant, and threatened to have her charged with the attempted assassination of the president.

Anna, of course, keeps repeating that she’s sorry, oh so sorry. Is she? Again, I have my doubts. She wasn’t the least bit sorry when she was in the middle of her affair with the man. As long as their affair remained hidden and her apartment was paid for she didn’t have a care, or regret, in the world. It was only when she realized she had been outed and that she was in some serious deep doo-doo that she began to confess how sorry she was. Something tells me she’s not really sorry for doing what she was doing but she’s very sorry she got caught.

At the end of the scene, Katelyn lets her know she is going to tell the world that Anna has been having an affair with her husband.

First Lady: …Tomorrow the world will know and I assure you it will know about you and him.

Anna: I won’t say anything. I promise.

First Lady: You won’t have to. I will.

Anna: What?

First Lady: I will.

Anna: You will?

First Lady: Yes.

Anna: I- I don’t understand.

First Lady: Sure you do.

Anna: No, I mean-

First Lady: Why all the surprise? You think I’m just going to let you do this and you’ll walk away freely?

Of course Anna cries pitifully, “Why would you do that?”

The First Lady’s response: Why wouldn’t I?

Anna: Because you’re the first lady.

First Lady: And tell me what exactly does that mean?

Anna: Your job- is to protect him.

First Lady: My job?

Anna: Yes.

First Lady: I’m an Ivy League educated attorney.

Anna keeps repeating that she thinks the First Lady should protect him; she’s shocked that she wouldn’t do everything she could to protect him. Isn’t that what they all count on? To have us protect their secrets? In this instance the betrayed spouse is an Ivy League educated lawyer and yet somehow her first duty is to protect her husband from the fallout of his affair with an intern. As if! It’s unfortunate that so many of us do take up that particular sword.

Anna even tries to appeal to the First Lady’s sense of survival. Unfortunately for her, this First Lady already knows how to survive. Anna tells her to think of how this will look for her and the president, asking her why she would want to put herself, her husband, and her kids through all of this. The First Lady asks her: So are we your concern or is it yourself?

Ah, I think you’ve got her there, Mrs. First Lady! Anna is definitely looking out for herself. She couches it in terms that seem favorable to you and your children but the person she’s really looking out for is herself.

I love how Katelyn asks Anna, after she has pleaded once again to think about all they (meaning the President and the First Lady) have built together and how he’s the president, “So you think this scandal will affect me?” She later goes on to tell her she’s going to destroy her because she made the fatal mistake of coming after what was hers. I’ve gotta say, I like the First Lady’s moxie. Don’t we all wish we had the power to absolutely crush the offender? She tells her she’ll end up like all the whores that fuck the powerful politician, that she’ll never get a job, and that she’ll be a joke. Finally, she tells her she will be forever known as the dumb hick who sucked off the president. And with that she orders the Secret Service agents to strip Anna’s apartment bare (the President was paying for it) and lets Anna know she will be locked out once the First Lady leaves.

In the end Katelyn tells Anna that if she thought the President was bad she has no idea what kind of monster stands before her and vows to destroy her. I tend to believe her.

7 thoughts on “Too Close To Home

    1. I only got to see the first 3/4 of the first episode. We have DirectTV and the stupid previous button is right by the fast forward button. I didn’t record it so I was watching it on delay. I accidentally hit the previous button when I meant to hit the fast forward so when I got back to the channel it was already half way through the second episode. I gave up. I may go back and watch the entire thing if it comes out on Netflix.

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      1. I’m recording now on my DVR! Just watched episode 1. Episode 2 isn’t on demand yet so I’m going to miss one episode. Heather Locklear nailed that confrontation of the OW! Wow, I know we all wish we could do that!


  1. I flipped to that show without knowing what it was and watched because I like Heather Locklear. It was a GREAT scene.


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