A Leak In the Ceiling and Another Breakdown

Blast From the Past 44

May 2014

We have a leak in our ceiling. It was discovered this morning after our daughter’s party. I dreaded telling Zack but I did anyway, and as expected he fell apart. He’s not doing well at all with this move. Is he stressing because he’s about to put his plan into action? Or, more likely, is that just who he is? Every time he falls apart I think of Harley and all she’s missing out on. I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. This is him, Harley. This is the real Zack. He can keep it together for a while but it doesn’t last. If your scheme had worked and he left me for you, you would be the one dealing with all of this. You would be talking him down as he went through trying to sell our house- with no benefit of a buyout. You would be the one talking him down when his kids rejected him and he felt like a failure. You would be the one comforting him and talking him down as I drug him through divorce court and made his life a living hell. There would be very little time for telling you how wonderful you are or how much he loved you. No time for sexting. No time for fun, cozy texts. You would become the person he relied upon to make everything better. Every. Single. Time. this happens I try to envision Harley having to contend with real life instead of their bullshit fairy tale affair. It makes me smile because I have no doubt she would fail miserably. And they would both be miserable with their “new and improved” lives.

Present Day Sam Says: Hmmm… to be a fly on the wall in their house some days. I don’t wonder often but I do wonder how she’s coping with the real Zack. There is a part of me that regrets how I played this divorce because I feel like I let him get away with a lot. There is another part though that says this is perfect.

For months they got to run around without a care in the world, blowing through money like you wouldn’t believe. I know what’s it like to think life with him will be one way. I always say before we got married Tammy Faye and Pastor Fake bestowed upon us thousands of dollars in “cash and prizes”. After we married the bottom fell out and they were destitute. They never got out of it completely. Now that’s happening to Zack and Harley. She thought she had the world by the tail. Look at me with my new married lover who gives me access to all this money! Look, kids, your new daddy is giving me $5k a month to just blow through; what can I buy you? What do you want?

Now the bottom has fallen out. The money is gone. He’s having a breakdown, or playing at having one because he thinks that gets him out of paying support. Even if the breakdown is a fake the lack of a job is not. She’s once again supporting a man and this one isn’t taking care of her kids. She’s getting the real him and it’s even worse than anything I could have imagined for them.

5 thoughts on “A Leak In the Ceiling and Another Breakdown

    1. I have no desire to look. I don’t know why but I don’t. Plus, they tend to lie. She’s not going to post about what a hell she’s living in. No! She’ll post about how wonderful he is even while she’s cursing him under her breath; you’ve got to do image management. This isn’t a tawdry affair based upon his six figure income; it’s a love affair for the ages.


  1. You wouldn’t be surprised then on the stats on second marriages, particularly the ones that were founded on adultery…their divorce rate is MUCH higher than first marriages… (Hope that puts a smile on your face!)


    1. I was in the divorced parenting class with him and the instructor told us that 75% of second marriages end within five years. I was so tempted to raise my hand and ask about the chances of 2nd marriages that began as affairs. I think most statistics give them anywhere from a 10-15% chance of working out but if you’ve got even lower ones I’d love to hear them!

      I don’t know if you’ve read any of my other entries but you’d think he would know better. His sister’s second husband lost everything to be with her (both were married). Then she turned around after 10 years of marriage and cheated on him with her third husband. Harley’s brother-in-law cheated on her sister and he and his OWifestress (who happened to be CF’s stepdad’s first wife!) both ended up in prison for embezzlement. Then she divorced him and married some guy she met at the halfway house (surprisingly that marriage didn’t last either). To say he lost everything would be an understatement.


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