More Blasts From the Past, April-May

This is the second half of the spare Blasts From the Past. Re-reading I realize why I didn’t bother with this my first go round. This is jaw-dropping stuff! Family vacations, shopping trips, and all those lasts because we were getting ready to move. It’s the kinda stuff that makes you want to cheat on your spouse because it’s so devastating!

April 2014

Annnnnd it’s April. This is the month when it all started. I’ve heard there can be a lot of triggers surrounding anniversaries. I’m hoping there aren’t. We’ll just play it by ear and see how it goes.

April 2014

Yes, she’s still sniffing around my in-laws and gushing over them. Oh, I love you! she tells them. Yes, you love them so much you haven’t seen them in at least nineteen years. You’ve done jack shit for them over the years. That certainly seems like love. I wonder if she knows it’s fruitless because I’ve already resigned myself to no longer having a relationship with them. They are all yours now, Harley.

April 2014

If there’s an upside to having your husband cheat on you, pledge his undying love to a skank ass whore, and then plan on marrying the common criminal it’s this: He feels so guilty I get pretty much whatever I want. Today I went shopping and blew a lot of his money just for the hell of it! In the past I would never have taken advantage like this but we’re in a new age. You’re going to pay for it one way or another, baby. Hey, Harley, thanks for being a whore! I’m loving my new shoes and new clothes, and let’s face it, who couldn’t use a $100+ wallet and an $80 change purse?

Present Day Sam Says: I fully admit that this is bitchy, but I don’t think it screams, “I hate you!” or “You’re a piece of shit and I will never ever forgive you for cheating on me!”

April 2014

Family trip to Disney Land tomorrow. The kids are so excited!

Present Day Sam Says: Wow- if only I could focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past!

April 2014

Having a great time in California so far. We stopped in Vegas along the way. Meanwhile, back in Whoreville she’s telling the world about her awesome husband who is drawing a bath for her and waiting on her hand and foot. Hmmm, shouldn’t that be the other way around? You are the one who cheated on him. I guess the poor guy knows the type of woman he’s married to and realizes he has to grovel and constantly pamper her if he wants a shot at her keeping her legs closed for any other guy who looks her way.

April 2014

We had a great time in California. Disneyland almost drove me nuts but I made it through. We went swimming in the heated pool, hung out at the beach, went to Downtown Disney, had a blast at Medieval Times (our Knight won- again), ate lots of yummy food (Rainforest Cafe and The Cheesecake Factory, to name a few), rode Space Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad at Disneyland and conquered the California Screamin’ roller coaster at California Adventure. I also got to ride It’s a Small World and attend our last Region 1 regionals. — feeling happy.

Present Day Sam Says: Again, FOCUS ON THE FUTURE! Oh, I crack myself up!

April 2014

I think the whore may be onto me. Nothing new on her page since the 12th. At least nothing I can see. Maybe she just realized her page has been public since November. Nah, if she knew I was out there she would block me. Then I would use another alias and stalk her some more. Of course, I like to think of it as research.
Added later: Still nothing except updated cover photos. And still no profile picture of herself.

I’m guessing she’s gone back to a private page. Now the question is, why? Did she read this? Did she suddenly realize her page was open to the public? Did she open it deliberately to bait me? Did being called a whore hurt her feelings? Who knows and who cares?

Added even later: Maybe she’s taking a break since this marks the year anniversary of her becoming a whore. Becoming? I’m sure she always was. Or, maybe she’s going through a divorce, although her poor husband does sound kinda pussy whipped. My best guess it’s either she realized she was public and took it private, or she’s staying off because this is the month that started it all. Or maybe she and my husband have started up again. Who knows?

April 2014

I’ve been reading a blog written by a man who cheated on his wife. I have to say, so many of the stories are eerily similar. This man seems to revel in self flagellation. He’s so guilty. He’s so sorry. He realizes how wonderful his wife is, how much he loves her. I wonder sometimes if it’s a way to feel better, to alleviate some of that guilt. I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s like, if they just feel badly enough we’ll let them off the hook, or maybe people will feel sorry for them. It seems self serving. Look how much I’m hurting! Look at how guilty I feel and all these physical symptoms I’m having due to my guilt. Jeff isn’t much into self flagellation. In the first few days he seemed very sorry, but he doesn’t go through the angst this man exhibits in his blog. But, he is very attentive. He’s constantly complimenting me. Is that his way of saying he’s sorry? His way of trying to prove his love? I’m a little leery of all this attention and the constant compliments. It’s nice, but I’m still leery.

Added later: Just to say this man drives me nuts with his simpering apologies and how he laps up each and every small kindness. Hey, asshole, try not cheating on her to begin with. Then you don’t need to grovel.

April 2014

I’ve had a good day. The house is coming along. The husband has been helping out a lot. Of course, he’s having a mini breakdown just about every day as well. The stress of moving is getting to him. More on that later.

I had a fun night playing Bunko with my friends. It was my last night to host.

Also ran my last talent show on Friday.

It’s the beginning of the end.

Present Day Sam Says: Oh, the irony in that final statement. It truly was the beginning of the end; I just had no idea what was actually ending.

May 2014

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my husband asking his nephew if he could bring a “guest” with him when he got his tattoo. One year ago tomorrow my husband was planning on getting his soul mate a tattoo, as well, one that would announce their great love. One year ago tomorrow he was telling his nephew he couldn’t say much because he needed to protect the innocent young ones (our children) but that one day he would be related to this mystery “guest”. So lovely.

I keep thinking if I ever get another tattoo I’ll ask for a sparrow with a broken neck and a dagger through its heart, with a wreath around it that says: Zack & Harley Forever.

May 2014

There’s a lot going on now. Lots of anniversary moments. Combined with lots of end of year moments. I had my last elementary school PTA meeting last Friday. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. The house went on the market on Tuesday. I just had my final PTSA meeting on Wednesday and final Region meeting on Thursday. Tonight is our last gymnastics banquet and I know I’m going to cry and cry. I suppose this is all a blessing because today is the one year anniversary of my husband bragging about his whore to his nephew, complete with his announcement he intended to marry the ho bag. Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I’m fairly certain that’s the date he “came clean” about her, followed the next day by Mother’s Day. Soon we’ll be dealing with Memorial Day weekend, which is when I began having my suspicions about her not being out of his life as he promised. June 1st is his sister’s anniversary and that whole weekend was a clusterfuck of emotions for me. So, it’s good to be busy.

May 2014

Life is just moving along. Hard to believe this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. It’s earlier this year than last. Last year my dear husband was busy making plans to meet up with his whore and get her tattooed. I’m sure his sister let him know if he wanted to bring his whore to her wedding she had no problem with that. Ah, good times. Good times. So good to look back and remember he had rekindled his romance with his soul mate at this time last year. Because he missed her. Awwww, so sweet.

May 2014

He asked me tonight if I was really going to move to XXX state with him. He told me he worries about that about fifty times a day. Does he? Does he really worry that I won’t move, or is he worried that he won’t get his kids there? Maybe he really does love me. I guess we’ll see.

Present Day Sam Says: Oh, honey, it wasn’t about love. It was about a con. It was about power and control. I don’t even know why he was worried about his kids not getting moved because the first chance he got he moved out of state and abandoned them. Didn’t even bother saying goodbye.

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