It Was For the Best


Does anyone else hate that saying? I don’t think there are many more offensive things a cheater can say than that. Hey, I realize I lied to you and cheated on you and completely disrespected you but it all turned out for the best! Maybe you went back to school, or got a promotion or just went back to work. Maybe you’re happily remarried or have a new boyfriend. Maybe, thanks to the divorce diet, you lost weight. Maybe you bought a new house or moved back to your home town. Whatever it is, it’s totally for the best and proof positive that the cheater was only thinking of YOU and your best interests.

Let it be known here and now I don’t give a shit if I meet the love of my life. I don’t care if I end up finding a job that pays me a million dollars a year and gives me perks that I can’t even think of right now. I don’t care that I have moved back to my hometown and I don’t care if one day I buy an amazing new home. I do not care one teeny tiny bit how amazing my life may end up at some point. If Cousinfucker ever dares to say those words I swear to God I will rip his throat out and shove it up his ass. Repeatedly.

He is NOT the hero in this damn story. He’s also not a victim but that’s a completely different topic. I can one day say it was for the best, but he can never say that. Just like he can never say our kids are resilient. No, the cheaters don’t get to cling to that. They don’t get to use any of that as a “Get out of jail free” card. It doesn’t make what they did okay.

After I moved all of Jackass’s clothes into the spare bedroom (even hung them up instead of just tossing them on the bed because that’s how stupid I was) he apparently thought I had tossed everything out. Oh, how I wish! Anyway, he writes me this long rambling text asking me to work with him to make this less stressful on everyone involved and telling me that I had two choices. I could either be bitter and resentful, or appreciate the fact that he was “releasing me from the burden of being his wife.” I kid you not. That is what that douche canoe actually texted me. Like he was doing me some big favor. Wasn’t that magnanimous of him? What a swell guy! He was just looking out for my best interests by “releasing me of my burden of being his wife”. How can you be mad at something like that? He is a true gentleman. Then he goes on to say we need to model to our children a new relationship, one that is based on us being happy for one another. Meditate on that for a minute.

Yes, I was supposed to be happy for him. The shit eating chimp lied to me all summer, cheated on me with the whore he cheated on me with 2 years prior; he gave her money out of our account, opened a joint checking account with her, and is happily embroiled in his sick affair with his cousin. He played me for a sucker while he made plans to empty our bank account and run away with the whore. I, on the other hand, have no new love of my life/soul mate. I’m alone. I’m not spending money like it’s water, unlike the two of them. I’m the one left behind to tell the kids and pick up the pieces of their broken lives. In addition to those happy facts, Pig Shit Dung Face moved me 2000 miles across the country, took me away from my friends, removed me from any possible job leads, and ripped my life to shreds. Now my whole life is crumbling in front of my eyes. I have no idea what’s going to happen to myself or to my kids, but my main concern is being happy for him and the whore. Yeah, I don’t think so. This is not an even playing field. Not by a long shot.

See, this is the narrative the cheaters want. They didn’t do anything that bad because, look, it all turned out for the best! And, hey, we’re happy for one another! Would Sam be happy for me if I really and truly were a shit eating chimp? I don’t think so. This just proves what a standup guy I am because she’s happy for me; we’ve developed a new relationship based on us being happy for one another. Sam has totally gotten past that part where I decimated her life and left her with absolutely nothing, leaving her to rebuild from the ashes.

No, it’s image management. As long as the cheated on spouse plays along and takes the good ol’ high road the cheater can maintain his or her image. “We’re still friends and you know, we obviously wouldn’t be friends if I had done anything wrong.”

Therein lies the problem. He did do something wrong. We are not friends. He is not a hero. I am not happy for him. He is not looking out for me. He is not looking out for, nor does he care about, his kids. He is not looking out for my best interests; in reality he doesn’t even care about my best interest.. And no, this really isn’t all for the best.

8 thoughts on “It Was For the Best

  1. I have a problem in general with anyone saying it will turn out for the best. Or that look how it did. Or any iteration of that. What turned out will always be a second best to me.


  2. something I find very confusing – why did he have you move there? what was the point? I mean he abandoned the kids so what was the benefit especially since it really seems like it fucked him in the end – I’m just confused by that move

    secondly I’m honestly kinda shocked that CF and Whore haven’t combusted already – are you sure he isn’t working under the table? I think you need to hire a private detective or something to check and see what’s up – it just seems suspicious to me


    1. I wish I could answer this definitively but I can only guess. I know when they were involved the first time around they talked of him moving us all closer. I would like to believe things were definitely over when he got the job offer and we did move. I’ll never know. Regardless, I do think he really wanted this job. It might have been part career achievement and part he had no way to stop the wheels that he put into motion. I think once he saw my alternate FB page he couldn’t handle the idea of me not being completely over his EA, or me complaining, or anything really that wasn’t perfect. So he began to check out. I don’t think he ever mowed the yard again. He didn’t take out the trash while we were gone for 3 weeks. He withdrew. Honestly, I don’t think he really was thinking. They usually don’t when they’re having an affair. Or he thought because he wanted things to go one way that’s the way it would go.

      He’s being advised by Blockhead who divorced over 15 years ago. He didn’t have a stay at home wife. He didn’t have children with her. They hadn’t been married for 20+ years with her following him all around the country for his job. In other words, no idea at all what CF was heading into.

      He’s being advised by Jezebel. She leaves each husband once she has a new one on the hook and believes that one will provide a better life for her, so she doesn’t really care what she gets in the settlement. Again, no idea what dear baby brother was heading into.

      I’m sure he’s also being advised by Harley and we all know she’s looking out for her best interest.

      I think Harley may be trying to save face right now and that’s why they haven’t combusted yet. As for working under the table, there’s no way he can work under the table and make as much as he was making. I suppose he could be and just figures he’d rather make less than have to pay me. I may have to go to my sources and have him checked out.


  3. I can only hope! It doesn’t matter though. If he’s not working he can’t pay. And if he’s able to convince a judge he has mental health issues I’m told they won’t throw him in jail for non-payment. Let’s just pray he pulls his head out of his ass.


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