Like a Drone On a Member Of the Taliban & Get Out Of Here Guilt

It’s Thursday once again! You know what that means! Turns out it’s your lucky day because I’m giving you two for the price of one.

Like a Drone On a Member of the Taliban

Blast From the Past 45

June 2014

I just realized today is the one year anniversary of him returning from his home state to find pictures of his skanky whore all over the house. And tomorrow is the one year anniversary of him telling his little whore all about it. Tomorrow also marks the one year anniversary of manipulative, deceitful little Harley deciding to take matters into her own hands and trying to speed up our impending divorce by “innocently” blocking me. How’d that work out for ya, Whore? He didn’t leave me for you and now I’m on your ass like a drone on a member of the Taliban. I will NEVER get sick of this.

Present Day Sam Says: It’s amazing how much I don’t care about that whore now that it’s all over. Oh, I hate her. I would celebrate if bad things happened to her. I know that’s not very Christian of me but I’m being honest. I don’t want anyone thinking that I think she’s just swell. I don’t. I think she’s a manipulative, gold digging whore. But I don’t really give much thought to her life with CF anymore.  I hope she’s having a blast taking care of him.

Get Out Of Here, Guilt!

Blast From the Past 46

June 2014

His mom called him today and he was giving me an update. He then stopped and said, “I won’t bother you anymore.” Two or three years ago that might have worked. Today I’m not going to be guilted into making nice with all the whore lovers. I’m sorry but when you decide you want to continue a relationship with my husband’s whore then do not be shocked when his wife doesn’t care to have a relationship with you anymore. They chose her. They can live with those consequences.

5 thoughts on “Like a Drone On a Member Of the Taliban & Get Out Of Here Guilt

  1. You know, when I first started reading your blog, I thought I’d have at least a LITTLE sympathy for your husband because I deal with anxiety and depression too, and the way you describe him (all he does is watch tv, panicking about driving) sounds a lot like me when I was unmedicated. But no. He sucks. He can go fuck himself with a cactus. Even if his precious cheater feelings were hurt by your blog, he could have, I don’t know… asked for counseling? asked for a fucking divorce honorably and paid you the support you deserve?

    AARGH. I don’t know you obvs, but I think you’re doing everything right in this shithole of a situation. I wish I could offer more support. I know it’s little comfort when times are this tough, but you’ve behaved honorably while you husband literally could not have acted more like a spineless weasel.


    1. Thank you, Whitney. In the beginning I was very sympathetic to him and his issues. The problem I have now is I’m not sure what is real and what is a lie. He told me in the beginning it takes him some time to get used to new people. Okay. Fine. I understand that. But then when I would ask him if he wanted to go somewhere/do something with me that would involve new people he would say yes. He seemed perfectly fine before we got married. Once the ring was on he suddenly had a problem with new people.

      He didn’t always shut himself off either. Our first five years of marriage we were together all the time. He didn’t hide up in the bedroom. We ate together, watched TV together, ran errands together. It wasn’t until I bought him TiVo for Christmas that he closed himself off. Even then he was downstairs in our finished basement, not hiding in a bedroom. It wasn’t until we moved (for his job!) that he began spending all of his time in the bedroom. When we first moved into our new house he wasn’t shutting himself off either. He was out in the open until he thought there was a possibility that I was going to leave him (which was all in his damn head).

      The driving? Wasn’t an issue until a few years ago. Plus, one day he’s telling me he can barely drive to work 10 minutes away and the next day he’s driving six hours one way to meet up with his cousin.

      Finally, I had begged him for years to get see someone. He was the type of person that would always ask if we had taken something whenever any of us mentioned having a headache or feeling sick or having a cold. But he couldn’t be bothered. I know you’re not faulting me but I want you to know I do have a lot of sympathy for people going through anxiety and depression. Hell, I had a lot of sympathy for HIM for years.

      I think you’ve got it exactly right. He’s a spineless weasel. He’s not having a PTSD related breakdown. He’s throwing a middle aged man’s temper tantrum because things aren’t going the way he wants them to.


      1. I could 100% tell that you must have a ton of sympathy/patience for mental health issues, no worries on that front at all and I’m sorry if I implied otherwise. I’ve been married for seven years and did not get help for the first five – something I deeply regret now. It always seemed so insurmountable. I remember that day a couple years ago when I finally had enough and asked my husband to call and make an appointment with any doctor who could see me that day. Meds were a huge turnaround for me. I see now that if I’d never gotten help, my husband would have eventually cracked under the pressure of having to do it all – make every plan, every phone call, etc.

        LOL I’m rambling. In my original comment I wanted to say I hope you never feel guilty, about the blog, about anything. I think it’s clear that you did the best anybody could do and your husband is a shitpig. Oh, it’s hard for him to hold down a job now? – gee, maybe he shouldn’t have abandoned his supportive family. I hope some judge sees through his bullshit and gives you any assets he has.

        I’m sorry for everything you’re going through.


      2. No problem. I totally understand where you were coming from.

        I’m glad the meds are helping. I had a friend who had social anxiety so bad she couldn’t leave the house. Once she started seeing a doctor and got medication she was the life of the party!


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