Three For the Road

Okay, these aren’t really for the road; however, they are all fairly short so I decided to consolidate them into one entry.

Blast From the Past 48

June 2014

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my husband lying his ass off and assuring me he had had no contact with his whore. It was also the day he told me he didn’t know if he loved me. He cared about me and he appreciated the fact that I was a good mom who kept the kids active and involved. But he didn’t know if he still loved me. It was the day he told me he wanted everything to go back to the way it was before he left for his home state- me doing my thing, him doing his. Of course, my things were the kids, PTA, and Bunko and his things, or rather, his thing, was sexting his whore. And, just to end on a nicer note it was also the day I told him I wasn’t giving up on us, that I thought we could make it through this and be happier than ever. Didn’t know what all I was getting through but I was correct.

Present Day Sam Says: And, just to end on a nicer note it was also the day I told him I wasn’t giving up on us, that I thought we could make it through this and be happier than ever. Oh Sam, you were so unbelievably naive. That’s such a sweet sentiment and yet sadly, it was lost upon him. You were pledging to fight for him and your marriage and he was sexting with a whore, looking at you like you were the dumbest fool he had ever encountered.

Blast From the Past 49

June 2014

How’s this for irony? I bought my house from a woman named Harley. It was a couple, not just a woman, but in the end I’m living in Harley’s old house.

Present Day Sam Says: And now I’m living in my mother’s house!

Blast From the Past 50

June 2014

One more for today. I got through Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Well, today is Father’s Day and we’re here and he’s there, but I did get him a gift from me and the kids. He opened it yesterday.

On Mother’s Day we were supposed to go to The Cheesecake Factory but it was packed so we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant. It was much better the first time we went, but we got right in and ate so there’s that. Zack sent me flowers and my daughter gave me a gift. My son made a gift for me and then forgot to give it to me. It was a pretty low key day.

The important part is I got through them both, despite the fact that a year ago my husband shit on them both. A year ago, right before Mother’s Day he was telling everyone he was in love with his skank; he wanted to marry her. Then, he partially confessed to an affair the day before Mother’s Day, making sure to downplay what was going on so as to protect his whore. It was just texting. She was one of many (or maybe 3). All lies to cover his ass and protect his whore. A year ago he was neck deep into his affair with the whore by Father’s Day. A few days prior to Father’s Day he was telling me he didn’t know if he loved me and tacitly threatening divorce if I wouldn’t just go back to the way things were. Me doing my thing and him doing Harley.

And now here we are and he’s insisting his life is with me. He loves me. He wants to experience everything with me. I’m so pretty. I’m so sexy. I’m his world. He doesn’t know why I chose him and why I continue to love him; I’m so great and he’s nothing. He worries he will lose me. He worries I won’t move out there with him. He misses me like crazy. I’m such a great mom and he doesn’t know how I do everything I do.

I suppose we’ll see. I’m still buying myself something amazing on August 14th.

Present Day Sam Says: What a lying piece of shit he turned out to be! I had no idea he was such an amazing actor. I really should have bought myself something spectacular on that date.

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