A Shitty Day

No, seriously, my dog has had diarrhea all night. It’s fun times in this household!

Let’s back this story up to around 9:30 pm. I got a text message from my nephew asking me if I could take him to school in the morning. Of course I can. I text him back about 30 minutes later telling him so. Afterall, my son has been getting up on his own in the morning and catching the bus. Great job, Picasso!

I watched some television, catching up on the new shows premiering this week. Around 12:30 I head upstairs to go to bed. I am greeted by a pile of crap. One of my dogs has diarrhea and has shit on the floor. So before I can go to bed I’m cleaning up poop. I can’t use the Little Green Machine because, well, it’s 12:30 in the morning and everybody except Diarrhea Dog is asleep. I clean it up by hand, using dish soap and water. What a beautiful end to the day!

Two of my dogs wake me up just before 6 am, and about 20 minutes before my alarm goes off. Since one of them had diarrhea the night before I wasn’t going to make her wait. I take the dogs out. They do their business. I’m in the house a little after 6 and decide to peek inside my son’s room to see if he’s up. I usually hear him puttering around in the morning and I hadn’t this morning.

He’s still in bed but since it’s only 6 he’s got plenty of time. I ask him what time he wanted to get up and let him know what time it was. He tells me he’ll get up now.

I go back to the couch and lay down, sharing my spot with 2 dogs, and listening to some show about a scam artist.

A little after 6:30 I get a phone call from my sister-in-law, asking me if I had seen my nephew’s text. After I assured her that I had and that I was going to pick him she asked me if I could stop by her house afterwards and then take her to pick up my brother’s truck. He’s out of town, as is my niece, so she had no car.

At that point I realize I’m going to have to get up and get ready. I’ll confess I am not usually looking my best in the morning. I regularly drop my daughter off while still wearing my pajamas. It is not uncommon for me to drive around in the morning sans bra. No make-up. So, today I needed to step up my game.

I run downstairs to grab some clothes, throw on the lights, and… discover more poop. In multiple spots. Because my damn dog has diarrhea.

At pretty much the same time I hear the bus pull up and then pull away- without Picasso on it. Shit!

So now I’ve got to get dressed, clean up poop, AND take my son to school, in addition to leaving early to pick up my nephew. Naturally, Picasso is wondering why we need to leave so early and I’m having to explain to him that I need to leave earlier than usual to pick up his cousin and get both kids to school. This did lead to the best line of the morning when he tells me: It’s not like I miss the bus every day. I only missed it once this week! I felt it was my duty to inform him that when I took the bus back in 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th grades I missed the bus exactly ZERO times because I had a mother who worked and could’t drop everything to take me to school. I think I amazed him with that statistic.

Anyway, everything got done. Picasso arrived at school with plenty of time to spare. I made it home in time to pick up my daughter and then stop at my nephew’s house to grab him. Dropped both kids off and then headed over to my sister-in-law’s. I took her to pick up the truck and then headed home to shampoo carpets.

I’ve received notices from both kids’ schools regarding their immunizations. Both of my kids are up-to-date on their shots; however, Picasso’s old school apparently didn’t send his immunizations records when they sent his other records. I had to then call his former school to see if they still had the records, which they did, and then request that they fax them to the new school. Unfortunately for Rock Star it appears she didn’t get a second chicken pox vaccine, which must not have been required by either of the two previous states where she attended school. They also didn’t require the meningitis vaccine, although it was offered. Guess what? They require it here! Picasso went ahead and got his back when he got his booster shot before entering middle school. Rock Star hates shots and didn’t get one. So now she has to get that done. #thanksdad

I got my new driver’s license which is a whole other post all in itself. I will say that I’ve now had 3 licenses within the last 2 1/2 years. My last two pictures were amazing. This one sucks ass. I am definitely changing my last name now so I can get a new license.

My mom and I took a walk. We saw a snake. It was small and we’re pretty sure it was dead but we both stopped, looked at it, and turned right around. No thank you! We will just cut our walk short. We weren’t willing to take a chance that it was indeed alive.

Thankfully I have encountered no more dog poop. Yep, that’s me. Always looking for the silver lining!

2 thoughts on “A Shitty Day

  1. Every time I read your post I feel the urge to interrupt you and tell you my similar life stories… but it’s impossible, blasted internet! Anyway I feel your pain on so many levels: husbands affair, 2 kids, new home, new pool in February, husband lost very good 6 figure job, and now we will be lucky if we make 40,000 this year, so we are now living pay check to paycheck… barely, I just started job a this week after being a stay at home mom since his betrayal, and I don’t know what to do with my 3 dogs all day now that I work (I crate 2 and let one stay out) I came home to pee on my curtain one day, poop the next ( bc 1 of my 3 cats was accidentally left inside… twice ), my dog tore up outdoor couch cushion all over yard today, my husband comes home and takes a nap and then complains about not getting sleep at night, my daughter can’t stand him half the time, I wish I would have left when I had the chance, I love the ID channel, and so much more… I share so many of your thoughts on so many things… and it’s just so hard to type on my phone, bc I can’t afford home internet to use a computer… so I just want you to know I’m nodding my head in agreement, I’m feeling your pain and if you were in the room with me, there wouldn’t be a moment of silence between the 2 of us.


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