More Hoops

Argh! I am so sick of jumping through hoops! I know I need to just do what needs to be done and stop thinking thoughts like, “It’s not fair that Jackass is off fucking a whore while I’m left to run around in circles for our kids,” or “Why doesn’t he get his ass up here and do some of the work?” I know he’s never been held accountable and it’s nothing he would even think of needing to do.

Nonetheless let me tell you how I spent my afternoon. I called and called and called to talk to someone in the athletic department. I finally convinced Rock Star to try out for cheerleading so she brought home this packet that needs to be filled out; she also needs a physical.

Well, she has already had a physical. She got one back in May in our former state, in anticipation of competing in cheerleading and gymnastics this year at her old high school. I called to see if that would be sufficient. It’s recent. It’s a school sports physical.

But no! They need one from this state! And they only do physicals through the high school at the end of the school year. So all you kids who transfer from out of state and especially all of you kids who may have had to transfer and been left destitute by your dad so you have no health insurance and no primary care physician, no sports for you!

I told the person I spoke to that we didn’t have insurance and we didn’t have a primary care physician so she suggested either having a doctor here transfer the information onto this state’s form, or to go to one of the urgent care centers. Naturally they can’t transfer the information. That would be too simple. I was pleasantly surprised to find out a sports physical even through the urgent care center was only $25 so I grabbed her after school and off we went. She wasn’t happy because she was hungry, but it was taken care of relatively quickly.

Just one more hoop through which I must jump. Meanwhile, I understand Cousinfucker and the whore are headed towards my house once again to load up more stuff. Yeah, that parenting stuff is hard. Best to let me handle it all.

After handling the physical debacle I also spent considerable time on the phone trying to track down her immunizations to see if she does indeed need to get two shots, or only one. Yep, she’s got to get two of them. Well, that sucks!

Tonight I am off once again to bartend. It’s a small gig, only two hours. I had fun doing it last Saturday and I’m doing it again tomorrow evening. I need to go get ready. Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “More Hoops

      1. I get it. I would be too. You’ve got so much on your shoulders, and you haven’t even had time to consider your own heart and pain because you have had to deal with so much. Just know there are so many of us rooting for you. And believing that somehow, someway you will end up on top. HUGS.

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