Do You Want To Thank Him, Mom?

Blast From the Past 55

June 2014

Some days he really sticks his foot in it. We were texting back and forth and he said this: Your mom is lucky. She should be kissing my ass. Her little girl found the perfect man and she has never had to worry about you at all.

I know that I can’t keep coming back to last summer but at the time I’m thinking: Are you shitting me? The perfect man? You cheated on me for 3 1/2 months! You told your sister there was nothing left of our marriage and your whore made you happy and you loved her. You told your nephew you were going to marry the whore and you planned on bringing her with you to get her tattooed. How in the fuck do you consider that perfect? And as far as her never having to worry about me- honey, that’s only because when I finally went to call her to tell her I was pretty sure I was getting a divorce and moving back home I couldn’t get ahold of her. Otherwise she would have been plenty worried, plenty pissed, and in an eternal unforgiving mood where you were concerned!

Now I’m left wondering if I will ever be able to truly put the past behind me. Will I always scoff at the idea of having the perfect man? Will I always come back to the summer of ’13 when he mentions something? I guess time will tell.

Present Day Sam Says: Ha! Perfect man? Perfect asshole is more like it. It reminds me of his text message this past spring where he told me I should be a little more grateful because thanks to him I have a great life! Present tense, not past.

This perfect man turned right around and did it all over again. Lied all summer and funneled money to the whore. Oooh, I guess that makes him a perfect liar, too! He abandoned his kids. He blew approximately $30k on Harley and her kids in 4 months time. He drug us across the country and then moved out of the freaking state! Without saying a word to his kids. He opened a bank account and is living with another woman while he’s married to me. He is in no shape or form the perfect man.

2 thoughts on “Do You Want To Thank Him, Mom?

  1. He really was and is an arrogant and egotistical asshole. I wonder how wonderful he still thinks he is having no job.


    1. Hmmmm… well, I guess that depends on his end game. If he’s not working to get out of paying me then he’s probably pretty proud of himself for not having a job and thinks he’s really sticking it to me. Later on when he realizes he doesn’t like poverty anymore than I do, and neither does his gold digging whore, then he’ll probably not feel so wonderful.


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