Oh, Those Wacky In-laws!

Tammy Faye contacted my daughter. I suppose I could be generous and say Tammy Faye contacted her granddaughter. She tagged her in a post about it being National Left-Handed Day.   On Facebook, of course. Always on Facebook.

As you may or may not know the in-laws have had very little contact with both kids since the shit hit the fan. The weekend that I broke the news Rock Star called her dad, crying, and wanted to know where he was. He told her he was with his mom; she obviously didn’t believe him and demanded he put her on the phone. He complied and she promptly hung up. Neither he nor his mother called her back or attempted to contact her in any way. The funeral he went to? Rock Star wanted to go so she could see her grandparents. Daddy Dearest vetoed that move because he planned to fuck a whore that whole weekend. Shhh, that was a secret! Tammy Faye accompanied the two cheaters to the funeral. Apparently it was much more important that her son got to go to a funeral with his whore than it was that she see her grandchild. When we discovered that Cousinfucker had quit his job and moved out of state Rock Star messaged her grandmother and asked her where he was. Tammy Faye never replied. I don’t think she has ever called her, texted her, or privately messaged her.  She did send a Christmas gift and a card with a gift card in it for her birthday so they haven’t completely replaced them with Harley’s four. They do remember that they exist.

Basically the only time Tammy Faye “contacts” her (and I’m using that term loosely) is when she is commenting on her Facebook page, which my daughter uses less and less, because as you may have heard Facebook is no longer cool. Oh, she loves to tell the world how much she loves Rock Star when she has an audience. If she texted or called then no one could see her deep, abiding love. No one would know that Rock Star is “her blood” or that she “loves her with her whole heart,” followed up with a plea to “not shut [her] out” because she “loves her no matter what may be going on now.” She will tell her how beautiful she is whenever Rock Star posts another picture or tell her congratulations if she posts something worthy of congratulations. She’ll tell her how proud she is of her or way to go. Gotta let the world know you’re lurking and interested. But to just randomly check up on her? Oh, good Lord no! That would require some sort of effort. And really? How many people would see that? More importantly, what if she asked her how things were going and Rock Star told her the truth? What if Rock Star told her that her dad was no longer paying any support so we had to pack up and leave our home? What if she had to listen to her granddaughter tear into her because of the mess she helped create when she urged Harley to call her son? What if she told her that she has lost everything that ever meant anything to her and she’s having a terrible time rebuilding? Golly, that might be unpleasant. That would probably make her unhappy. We all know that entire family doesn’t do anything that might make them unhappy.

All the other bullshit notwithstanding, here is the part that infuriates me. She doesn’t just tag her in a post and tell her she’s thinking of her. Oh no! She goes on to say she’s in the hospital with breathing problems and she’s been there for eight days now. Cue the violins.

Like mother like son. Don’t worry about Rock Star and what she may be going through. Let’s focus on our own problems. Feel sorry for me, Rock Star. Surely you’ll talk to me now that I’m in the hospital. Can’t you see how helpless and pitiful I am?

I find this funny in a passive-aggressive sort of way but Rock Star does not reply to anyone on that side of the family when they comment. She will respond to everyone else or like their comment, but she completely ignores everyone in CF’s family. That day though she was sorely tempted to write back: Really? Well, let me tell you about my problems and what’s been going on with me lately. My life has gone to shit because of your son and the fact that YOU encouraged his whore to call him.

She didn’t do it as far as I know. I have Tammy Faye blocked so I wouldn’t be able to see it anyway.

Here’s my request, fine folks. I know I’ve been going on and on these last few months about my pitiful problems: the move, uprooting my kids, my daughter’s unhappiness over being moved her junior year, her unhappiness over not getting her license, our need to apply for Medicare and free text books, our plunge into poverty. Please forget all of that. If you’re going to say a prayer or send positive vibes out into the world today, please, I beg you, say a prayer for Tammy Faye and her breathing problems. While you’re at it please also pray that the doctors are able to extract her head from her ass where it is so firmly lodged. K? Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Oh, Those Wacky In-laws!

  1. My mother in law does this passive aggressive crap too. Wouldn’t respond to my texts but posts all sorts of gushy crap all over my Facebook, and she likes all my posts. Meanwhile she is emailing my husband with all her poison. Because he’s the victim here… Good luck. I’m glad that I will be able to move on without them in my life.


    1. I’m sorry; that really sucks. Tammy Faye encouraged CF to leave me from what I hear, even aside from urging Harley to contact him. She was sitting in my kitchen last April telling me how much she loved me and how she wanted our relationship to go back to the way it was. And like Anderson, CF is always the victim. Isn’t it amazing how much crap you can put your spouse through and yet you’re still the victim?

      It would almost be easier if she were posting crap on my wall because I could lambast her and tell her what I really think! How can you possibly say you love me or wish me well when you helped drop an H-bomb on my family, you witch?!?! But on my daughter’s page… I don’t feel she deserves a relationship with my child but that’s Rock Star’s call to make. So I just roll my eyes and block, block, block!

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      1. Totally understand. There are so many things I would love to respond to my MIL with, but I will be the better person. My close friends know what she has done, and once this is all over I’ll block them all. Until then, I’ll be the sweet, kind person on Facebook, never letting on that there’s no way in hell I intend to let him have one more cent of my money than he deserves. Perhaps he can move back in with mommy…

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  2. I’ve just started following your blog, I’m so sorry to hear about this bullshit you’ve been forced too go through. I don’t say those words “I’m sorry” lightly. It sucks, I know. And, rather than waste my prayers on Tammy Faye, I will pray that you and your daughter are given reprieve, hope and some breathing room for yourselves. It sucks right now, I know but I can promise you this: It will not be long before your lovely husband and his wonderful whore have a heaping spoonfull of “what goes around come around” I’ve witnessed it thousands of times. They would never want you to know that they are probably suffering now. From what? Do you really think that they trust one another? Heck no! In fact, if I were you I would do my best to add to that paranoia…. random hang ups when she answers the phone, anonymous messages sent to her about his cheating. Uh-hu— Sometimes I like to serve a little revenge. In all seriousness, my prayers are with you. Stay strong and keep moving forward!


    1. I need to make you my new best friend!

      I don’t know how much you’ve already read but good ol’ Harley has been cheating on him since the very beginning. I have no doubt it will implode one day. It’s simply a matter of timing. He’s got no one else to turn to and he’s left everything behind for her. She’s conned his immediate family into believing she’s wonderful despite the fact that she’s a lying cheating whore so she can’t disappear immediately either or else they might not like her anymore. Who will tell her how pretty she is in all her pictures then?

      And thank you for the prayers. I do appreciate them.


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