Say A Cheer Or Shed a Tear?

The title says it all. I grabbed the mail yesterday and received three envelopes- one addressed to me and one addressed to each of my children. We’ve been approved for Medicaid. I’m not sure whether I should cheer because we are finally covered in case something catastrophic happens to one of us, or if I should cry because I’m officially on public aid. #thanksdad #wtgcousinfucker

5 thoughts on “Say A Cheer Or Shed a Tear?

  1. You’ve paid your taxes all these years. Time to get something back. I wouldn’t grouse about it. It’s called a safety net for that reason. Now when am I getting that drink? Start working on your Black and Tan pour. 🙂

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    1. Is that a beer? Because I suck at pouring beer from a tap. It’s about one quarter beer and three quarters foam.

      Whenever you’d like to make the drive or meet halfway you let me know. I don’t have a job yet so I’m (almost) always free.

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    1. Yeah, the whole “I’d run into a burning building for my kids” thing. They don’t need me to run into a burning building; they need medical insurance and I don’t have a job. It’s just no place I’d ever thought I’d be.

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